“Come out to meet the Bridegroom” – is my sermon topic for tomorrow morning. Please, read Matthew 25:1-13.

“All the Christian world is represented in this parable. The bride constitutes the church that is waiting for the second appearing of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Some who have a nominal faith are not prepared for His coming. The oil of grace is not feeding their lamps, and they are not prepared to enter in to the marriage supper of the Lamb. The representation is such as to call forth our earnest study, that we may know what preparation we who are living in the last days are to make, that we may enter in and partake of the marriage supper of the Lamb. We are to accept the last message of mercy given to a fallen world: “Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.” (Manuscript, V.16, page 268)

After the OAKS week of prayer over 35 students asked for Bible studies or for a baptism. I need your assistance now in helping our children with Bible studies. God’s Spirit is surely working on the hearts of our students at OAKS. Thank you, dear school staff and teachers. Let the Lord bless your efforts.

PATHFINDERS are camping this weekend at Cohutta Springs. Is this the reason it’s getting SO cold outside? 🙂 I am not sure I would want to spend this night in a tent ;-). I invite you to pray for our Pathfinder camp. Let the Lord give them safety and protection.

NOVEMBER 8 SABBATH. Next Sabbath Elder Steve Bremner is preaching for the 8:55 am service. The 11:25 am service will be presented by the students, teachers and the staff of our school. You will be blessed with lots of great music, scripture readings, puppet children’s story and a message from God’s Word. A lot to look forward to!

LOCAL BUDGET. Let the Spirit of the Lord inspire you through the month of November to continue to support our local church budget generously. We want to see our church ministries well funded. Thank you for your faithful stewardship.

MISSION TRIP. On Sunday afternoon Galena and I are leaving for a mission trip. The main objective of this trip is to preach a series of the revival messages and to prepare our churches in Odessa for the full scale evangelistic event in May of 2015. We count on your prayerful support. Thank you for embracing this mission as your own. We’ll be your ambassadors in the Gospel proclamation for the people of the former communist countries. We keep being amazed by God’s blessings as funds for this Light of Hope Mission trip are coming from Alabama, Georgia, Washington, California, Florida, and of course from our own Ooltewah.

MINISTRIES SHOWCASE. Thank you Lucas, Lisa and your boys, for putting together an excellent vespers program last Sabbath night. Seeing your family working together on hotdogs, fries, desserts and drinks deeply touched my heart. What a wonderful example of the church ministry in action! The stories featured in the film that night definitely motivated me to be a more caring and serving person. I trust that many of our church ministries were able to recruit more volunteers for their programs and activities.

SUNDAY WORKBEE. Thank you, dear church deacons and other volunteers (see a photo below) for showing up early Sunday morning for a workbee on the church property. It was a long day for many of you. A lot was accomplished because of your heard work. I am sue that the Lord will richly reward you with His blessings. Church members, please, remember to hug our deacons and to say sincere Thank You!


MEMORIAL SERVICE. Susanne Brude, a former member of the Ooltewah church and a charter member of the Harrison SDA church passed away this week. The Memorial service will take place at our church tomorrow, Sabbath afternoon at 2 pm. Everyone is invited. The service will be followed by a reception in the Fellowship hall.

PRAYERS are needed for Evan Spicer’s farther who had a heart surgery on Wednesday. Let the Lord grant him full and soon recovery.

Prayer are also needed for Beth. She is still wearing a cast on her leg. Phone calls, cards and visits will be greatly appreciated.

See you tomorrow morning. It will be warm in the church. 🙂

Your friend and pastor


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