Give thanks to the LORD

I’m back! Galena and I returned home safely from our overseas trip a few days ago. We look back on our time in Russia and Ukraine and can’t help but feel so blessed because of all your prayers and support. We have wonderful brothers and sisters in that part of the world. The unfortunate political situation in Russia and Ukraine brought additional hardships on churches in that part of the world, but they are still committed to preaching the three angels message. Our last Sabbath in Odessa was truly a spiritual feast. Hundreds of dear church members gathered in a rented auditorium, where they asked me to preach three times. We started at 9am and we left at 9pm. Throughout the entire day I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit equipping our members for the preparation that is needed for the May 2015 evangelistic outreach. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you tomorrow morning during the church service.

This morning our students at OAKS had a blast traveling back in time and being immersed into the Thanksgiving spirit of the Pilgrims. The teachers, parents and staff worked hard to create an obstacle course, make crafts and teach the skills simulating the days of the first Americans. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy:

I trust you are praying for our many church ministries. In order to help them grow and expand we need to be faithful in supporting our church budget. I challenge you to test the Lord in doubling what we normally contribute towards our local church budget. Let this be a month of true Thanksgiving.

Please remember that tomorrow is our Thanksgiving potluck Sabbath. Everyone is invited and encouraged to bring their friends to partake in this special celebration.

Our dear sister Beth Best lost her father early this morning. Please support Beth with your prayers, phone calls and visits. These last few weeks were a really trying time for Beth as she is still carrying a cast on her broken foot.

Happy Sabbath.

Pastor Peter