Christmas Blessings

My dear church family,

Let the sound of the angelic choir fill your hearts with joy today. A Savior is born to us! Without Christ this world would have remained in the darkness of despair. Jesus came to assure us of His love. He needs us. He called us His sons and daughters. He granted us heavenly citizenship! ( Phil. 3:20).

I invite you to celebrate Christmas in the Spirit of our Lord Jesus. Forgive those that hurt you. Be gracious to the ones who offended you. Love those who disappointed you. Be proactive in showing your loving care towards the unfortunate ones. There are many souls around us who need a hug or a smile. Call your parents, talk to your children.

Galena and I feel blessed to celebrate our first Christmas with the Ooltewah church family. We already fell in love with you. You made us feel welcome and appreciated. We know that we don’t deserve it but it still feels great ;-)! Thank you so much for your generous Christmas gift to our family. Your graciousness humbles us.

Let the good tidings keep sounding in the Ooltewah community through the ministry of our church. I am looking forward to many wonderful outreach programs that we can work on together in 2015. There are people in the Chattanooga area who need to hear about the saving power of Christ. Lets dedicate this New Year to reaching out to as as many of our neighbors as we can.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Peter


One thought on “Christmas Blessings

  1. Thank you for the message. Trusting that you both are better after the flu.. God is so good. From Jerry and Wilma Johnson


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