Serve One Another

serve one another

MESSAGE. God calls every member of his family to ministry. In the Bible, the words “servant” and “minister” are synonyms, as are service and ministry. Life of service demonstrates whether we have a relationship with God. Tomorrow morning I’ll continue the “Be My Disciples” series. Please, read Ephesians 2:10.

MINISTRY. Last Sabbath afternoon the church Fellowship Hall was filled to capacity. The Parenting seminar presented by Don and Ruthie Jacobsen drew more participants than we could have expected. I would like to express sincere appreciation to Linda Kulik and the Family Life ministry team for their excellent work in planning the event. The Child care team showed true spirit of creativity and service. We planned for up to 15 children, but instead had to provide care for almost 50 children. Thank you Becky Denton and your team, thank you Rosa Lee and the OAKS staff for your tremendous help. Rhonda Hicks and her hard working team served over 200 meals. They did it efficiently and with a happy spirit. God bless you for your dedication and hard work. Lucas, thank you for the excellent promotional package for this event. Many visitors came because they heard about this program via the flyers, posters, radio ads, and of course Facebook 🙂 . I could feel the presence of God there through the whole program. I heard many great remark from the seminar participants. It was truly helpful. PARENTING

COMMUNITY. This Sunday is our Church Yard sale event. Our church has been buzzing all week long with preparations. Some of you have already delivered boxes with the items donated for the yard sale. If you have not yet had a chance to sort through the items you would like to sell this Sunday don’t wait too long. You still have Saturday night and Sunday morning. The Yard Sale will start at noon. There is no charge for the tables. You are not required to donate your money to the church. However, any donation towards the church renovation Nehemiah project will be greatly appreciated. Help us to promote this event by passing out flyers (available at the church office) or by liking this event on FACEBOOK. Here is the link The more LIKES we have the more people in the community will learn about this event. Also, SHARE it on your own Facebook page.


OAKS WEEK OF PRAYER. I was absolutely blessed by the OAKS week of prayer. This time there was no invited speaker. All the messages were prepared by our own students. Most of them were not reading their notes. They were speaking from their heart. What a great idea it was to invite students to speak to students. Thank you, Mr. Marshall, Wess, and Rosa Lee.


THE HOUSE OF WORSHIP. A portion of the Nehemiah project fund has already changed the look of our church. Flat and leaking sections of the roof have been made sloped, insulation material has been added to the whole sanctuary part of the roof. New shingles made our church look well taken care of. Thank you, church for showing your love to our House of Worship. Next step is to replace the sanctuary chairs with new church pews!!! Sounds exciting, right!? Please, continue to pray about your part in the Nehemiah project fund. We are close to 50% of the set goal of $200,000.


CONNECTINGIN TOUCH MINISTRIES TRAINING THIS SABBATH, MARCH 28: from 2-4 PM If you have a heart for reaching out to missing church members, please come and join us for training on how to connect with those who no longer attend.  We have sent out letters to all those who have been missing for a year or more and we have received around 50 responses, most of which have been positive.  More responses continue to come in. We are now ready for the next steps.  If at all possible, please attend the “In Touch” Ministries training this Sabbath.  We will have lunch together and then Pastor Bissell will share helpful, practical information on how to reach members (including family members) who no longer attend.  Elders, Board Members, Deacons and Deaconnesses are especially encouraged to attend.  Please let us know if you cannot make it so we will know how to plan for lunch.  If you have questions, please contact me for further information.

SHARE THE BLESSING. Thank you, dear church family for being supportive of our local church budget through the first three Sabbaths of March. Tomorrow is our last Sabbath of the month. I trust that motivated by God’s goodness to us we ALL will assume responsibility for the many wonderful ministries of our church. True Christian stewardship is a privilege given by God to believers in order to demonstrate genuine love and victory over selfishness and covetousness. As ambassadors of Christ, we represent Him here on earth by our faithful stewardship to the gospel commission. It is important for Christians to understand that we are stewards, not owners, Almighty God owns everything, and Christians are managers (Psalm 24:1-2).

HAPPY EATING. Here is a good article published by CNN this week. I love my cereal, especially with almond vanilla milk :-). What about your breakfast? Still sausage (Morning Star 🙂 ) with egg? Sounds delicious, but I want to live longer for there is still much work that needs to be done before Christ returns to take us home.


WEB-STREAMING. Finally, our church can stream live during the worship service. Anyone can access the link on our church webpage by clicking WEB-STREAMING in the main menu. Are any of you are planning on staying home tomorrow and watching the service online? You better not, as you’ll miss my Russian bear hug.


Happy Sabbath. See you tomorrow morning. Pastor Peter

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