Parting the Sea

OUR COMMUNITY. The Thursday morning shooting in Chattanooga made us all realize how fragile our world is. This horrible disaster happened not in New York or Beirut, but just a few miles away from our church. I heard that some of you knew the killed marines personally. We are all hurting. Our prayers are with the families of the victims, their friends, and our community in general. The resolution of the problems of this world is not in the hands of the governments or politicians. Violence brings more violence. Our only hope is the Second Coming of Jesus. He has an answer to the problem of sin and evil. However, while we are waiting for His glorious appearance let us be proactive in changing our community by the power of His Word. Christ is sending us into the world to be the Light and the Salt of our society. We cannot do much on our own, but God CAN through each one of us individually.

IMG_0336VBS. Our vacation Bible school has been a huge blessing. Close to a hundred children registered for the program. Nightly attendance ranged from 65 to 85. It was so wonderful to see many of our church members assist during the program. Every detail of the program was well thought of with lots of happy music and singing. Thank you, Rhonda Hicks and Summer Bradford! You put your heart into this event. God bless you for the hundreds of hours of planning and praying, leading and feeding! I wish I could mention every name of the VBS team, but that will be practically impossible. THANK YOU, church family, for turning this program into an effective church ministry.

The program will continue tomorrow morning during the second service.

IMG_0338 IMG_0335

SABBATH WORSHIP SERVICES. Both worship services will take place in the church Fellowship Hall. This is a one-time change due to the VBS presentation during the second service. I am looking forward to seeing lots of kids and families in our church tomorrow.

You are invited to stay for the Fellowship Meal after the second service.

SABBATH MESSAGE: In my Sabbath message I will continue the topic that we started last week: “Peace in the Storm.” Tomorrow is part two: “The Divided Sea.” Please, read Exodus chapter 14.


There will be times when we all face the storms of life. There will be days when we face circumstances that put our faith to the test, but in the end can produce in us an unshakeable trust in God and bring glory to a God who can do anything but fail.

PORTUGUESE GROUP. Our Portuguese-speaking brothers and sisters will have an evening program tomorrow night in the church Fellowship Hall. Their ministry is growing. The Portuguese Sabbath school class can barely fit into the “upper room” in the OAKS building. Because of the special program planned for tomorrow by the their group there will be a ONE TIME Sabbath school class switch between the Youth and the Portuguese Sabbath school classes. I am thankful to the Youth SS leaders for their cooperation. We learn how to share the blessings.

PRAYERS. Ed Young is feeling stronger today. The doctors are gradually weaning him off of some medications. He is still in the ICU recovery area. Overall, there is a steady progress in his condition. Pat is sincerely thankful for your prayers, phone calls, and visitations.

Please, keep the Patterson family in your prayers. The funeral service for Lisa’s dad was held yesterday in South Carolina.

Brenda Miller lost her oldest brother, Doug, who died unexpectedly on July 6 at the age of 57.

David Stevens had a mini stroke early this week.

Steve O’Neil, (Mary Ellen Worthy’s brother) is at Memorial hospital with a staph infection.

“Do not withhold Your tender mercies from me, O LORD; Let Your loving kindness and Your truth continually preserve me.” (Psalms 40:11 NKJV)

See you tomorrow,

Pastor Peter

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