The Joy of Salvation

IMG_2860SABBATH MESSAGE. God created us “in His image” so that we would reflect His glory in the world. What does it mean to glorify God? It does not mean to make Him more glorious. It means to acknowledge His glory, and to value it above all things, and to make it known.

Living for the glory of God is in fact an act of complete surrender; declaring God sovereign over every aspect of our lives. When we surrender our life to God we allow His Spirit to work on our character. Everything we do or say will glorify our Heavenly Father if we are lead by His Spirit.

Tomorrow morning I’ll continue my series on “Living for the Glory of God.” Please read 1 Peter 1:3-12.

YOUTH SABBATH OUTING. Last Sabbath morning our church youth worshiped at Harrison Bay. I couldn’t be there in person, but I heard many wonderful reports about our youth testimonies. Many of them shared deep reflections on their personal journey with God. Based on the pictures on the Youth Facebook page their afternoon activities were much fun.
image2 image1 (2)IMG_2854 (1)

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. It was a true joy to watch parents bring their children to OAKS last Wednesday. Some came for the first time. Right before 8 am the school hallways resembled a busy beehive. I pray that the Lord will bless the staff and teachers as they help these children grow intellectually and spiritually. Pastor Aubrey did a great job leading at the first school chapel yesterday.
IMG_2845 IMG_2847

IMPACT CHATTANOOGA. All the Chattanooga area churches are praying about the evangelistic meetings starting on October 9. The meetings are spearheaded by the It Is Written ministry. October seems to be far away, but a lot needs to be done to prepare the soil for the meetings. Our evangelism committee meets every Tuesday afternoon to work on the activities leading to the October event. Last Tuesday Jennifer Verduzco and Sylvia Hyde presented a proposal for a Health Fair on our church property at the end of September. We’ll have more info after all the details are finalized. Please, keep these evangelism plans in your prayers. Get involved in the area-wide activities outlined in the flyer here.

You can also learn more about the COOKIE GIVEAWAY outreach activity planned for tomorrow afternoon if your click on this link

CHURCH FELLOWSHIP MEAL.  If you are able, please help get tables ready for food, get water pitchers ready, get food to the ovens to stay warm, and get food out to the tables. And afterwards, please help clear tables, wipe them off, wash/dry/put away dishes, wipe down counters, and get trash ready to go out. Also, please place a note on the dishes that are vegan or require special directions.

As a friendly reminder, families should bring enough food for their family and some to share. Thank you.

PRAYERS. Last night Barbara Smith’s cousin’s husband, Jerry, had a heart attack and was taken to Erlanger hospital. The surgery went well and Jerry went home this afternoon. The family needs our prayers.

Ed Young spent his first week at home after an extended stay at the hospital and the rehabilitation center. He is sincerely thankful for your prayers and sweet cards. I hope it will not take too long before we see Jerry and Pat back at church on Sabbath morning. Their Sabbath school class misses them a lot.

Beth Best needs our prayers. She is in a lot of pain that keeps her from coming to church. I invite you to pray for Beth. Let the Lord give her strength to recover.

I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

Happy Sabbath to you, my friends.

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