The Peace of God

image1 (7)THE PEACE OF GOD. In John 15:8 Jesus told the disciples, “My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit.” Why? Because then the world can see the results of a Spirit-filled life. That is why we are here —to put God on display to the world.

D.L. Moody said, “We are leaky vessels, and have to keep right under the fountain all the time in order to stay full.” Our human nature is pierced with the bullets of sin. Last week’s Sabbath message will not be enough for today. Israelites needed fresh manna from heaven daily. We must wait on God….and watch for His blessing….and depend only upon Him to be our provision. When our soul becomes that hungry for God, we are in a position to be filled with the Holy Spirit. When we show the fruit of the Spirit we bring glory to God.

The third fruit of the Spirit is peace. How does it relate to the busy routine of our daily living? This will be the topic of our Sabbath morning study. The key passage of my message is taken from Philippians 4:1-9.

PATHFINDERS. Cory Goss is reporting that the Pathfinder Club registration went well. The Club is ready for a new year filled with new adventures. Some of our kids still need a sponsor. Let’s pray that every one of our children gets the support that is needed for their participation in the club activities.


image1 (8)ADVENTURERS. Rebecca Goss posted an announcement for our younger children: “Exciting news, my little Adventurers! Sunday is registration from 3-5 and Wednesday we start meeting 6:30-8:00! I want to hear all about your summers! Be ready to have fun while learning more about our amazing God.”

RECONNECTING. Do you see the names in our church directory of people with whom we lost connection? Our non-attending members aren’t faceless or nameless to us. It’s your son or daughter; your aunt or uncle; your friend, your
neighbor, your colleague, your Facebook friend. You want to
fellowship at church again, but how does that happen? If that person
should honor us by coming back one day, would our congregation really
be ready to receive him or her? We’ll learn more about successful ways of reconnecting with our missing church members on September 12. Paul Richardson will be our guest speaker for the whole day. He will speak even during the Sabbath school time. Your Sabbath school class has the choice of your regular lesson study or joining Paul in the sanctuary for his seminar.

Who is Paul Richardson?

PAUL RICHARDSON – has been the Reconnecting Ministries Coordinator for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America for more than 21 years. Through his interviews with missing members he has gained insight into ways to reconnect with them and prepare congregations to receive inactives effectively. Paul is also the Network General Manager for Positive Life Radio with 5 stations in the Pacific Northwest, 120,000 listeners, and is a ministry to inactively attending church members from many different denominations. To learn more or to stream the station, go to Paul’s wife Teri is an RN. They live in College Place, WA. Our September church Fellowship meal has been moved from September 19 to September 12. Please, make a note of this.

REACHING THE GOAL. Are you prepared to see a miracle? We truly need a miracle to reach our monthly church budget goal. Let us pray that God makes this miracle a reality through our donations tomorrow morning.

CHURCH FAMILY. Our sincere condolences to Avalon Taylor who’s son Danny passed away this week. I invite you to support Avalon through our cards, phone calls, and prayers.

THANK YOU. A huge thank you to my church family from the bottom of my happily-blood-pumping heart ❤️ and healthy pulsating artery for all your sweet cards, loving emails, passionate text messages, and caring prayers. 🙏 I feel much stronger and I look forward to preaching twice tomorrow morning. You are truly the best church family ever.

OAKS. Here are a few pictures of the OAKS life:  
See you tomorrow,


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