MESSAGE. How amazing was God’s patience exercised and manifested toward Israel. He “suffered their manners” for forty years in the wilderness (Acts 13:18). Later, when they had entered Canaan, but followed the evil customs of the nations around them, and turned to idolatry, God disciplined them, but did not destroy them. In their distress, He raised up deliverers for them. When their iniquity reached a height that none but a God of infinite patience could have mercy on them, He spared them for many years before He allowed them to be carried down into Babylon.

How wondrous is God’s patience with the world today. On every side people are sinning with a high hand. The Divine Law is trampled under foot and God Himself is openly despised. It is truly amazing that He does not instantly strike dead those who so defy Him. Only one answer is possible: because God bears with “much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction.”

One of the fruits of the spirit is longsuffering. We cannot grow it on our own. The Spirit of God makes it flourish inside our being. When we acknowledge God’s long-suffering towards each one of us we show that same patient spirit towards other people around us.

Tomorrow morning I’ll continue my “Living for the Glory of God” series.

EVANGELISM. Impact Chattanooga shares this reminder: John Bradshaw will be speaking for the pre-evangelism rally this Sabbath afternoon, Sept. 5, at 4 p.m., promising to be a time of inspiration and commitment. This will take place at the ICCM Center (where the meetings will be held), 6425 Lee Hwy, Chattanooga.

Our church has joined hands with the other area churches in preparing our community for this evangelistic event. As one of the community services projects our church will hold a health fair on September 27. Our Health Ministries leaders assured me that this will be a very informative event with free health screening tests offered to the attendees. Here is a link to the seminar flyer.

Attachment-1MINISTRIES. Deacons and deaconesses received excellent training at the CPR class last week. Thank you, Jennifer and Mike, for providing this training event to our church leaders. Here are some photos from the training day:

Our Adventurer Club needs more help. If you are interested in helping Becky Denton please see her after church tomorrow.

OAKS. I had lots of fun at OAKS this morning. The water day was a blast! Lots of pizza, desserts, drinks, happy faces, smiles, and of course water balloons :-). Here are just a few photos from this awesome event:

image2 image5  image6 image1image

MIRACLES. We prayed for a miracle! God answered our prayers. Thank you dear church members for your faithful support of our local church budget. Total local church giving amount for the month of August is … Are you ready? Here it is: $38,000! Praise be to God!

Happy Sabbath. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

2 thoughts on “Long-Suffering

  1. God says ‘ be angry and sin not. Encourage others that they can have a righteous anger about this world and use it to impel them to action, not convince them that they have lost it once again.


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