Happy New Year!


Join us as we start the New Year at the Lord’s table. The Lord’s Supper will start at 7 PM, tomorrow night, January 1. Invite your friends and family. We’ll be praying, reading God’s Word, and sharing praises. A ight supper will be provided by the church. If you need a ride, don’t hesitate to call or text me. We’ll do our best to help you attend the Agape Feast.


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2015 Donations. Just a reminder that today is the last day to turn in your tithe and offerings for 2015 year-end tax receipt. You can use the online giving option available on our church website at www.ooltewahchurch.org Thank you for your generous and faithful support of our church ministries and programs. Let the Lord continue to bless you in 2016. “May the LORD give you increase more and more, You and your children.” (‭Psalms‬ ‭115‬:‭14‬ NKJV)



Merry Christmas

star_of_bethlehemDear church family,

When God chose to enter this world as a human baby, He chose to forever unite Himself with His creation. A more intimate and total identification is simply not possible. I find this astounding! Our Creator left His high and lofty place and did not just appear to us but became one of us. We call this the incarnation, God made flesh in the person of Jesus, our Messiah. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God… All things came into being through Him… And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

This same God who was born as a baby in an animal’s feeding trough is alive and present in our world today. In the first century, He dwelt among us as one of us but today…

…He dwells among His creatures by dwelling in each of us who believe. Listen to the Apostle Paul, “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, the old things have passed away and new things have come.” “I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me; and the life that I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who delivered Himself up for me.” This too is an incarnation. Jesus is, right now, reaching out to His creatures through you and me. Wow!

Christmas time should inspire us emulate Jesus, take a risk, step out of ourselves, and connect with those around us through the love of Christ.

As a new year approaches, I want to challenge us, the church, to impact this world for good. People are in great need, and more than ever, we need to come alive! We need to be people of prayer, faith, righteousness, and compassion. We need to love each other and love God above all else. Will you commit in 2016 to live more fully for Jesus Christ?

This has been a wonderful year for our church family. Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment. Not only we raised the money to renovate our church facility, but you have graciously responded to a call for a Fresh Financial Start. As of today you’ve exceeded the set goal by $13,000. God is at work in this amazing church. These are wonderful miracles of His amazing grace.

Thank you for your many Christmas cards filled with love and kindness. We sincerely appreciated your gracious Christmas gift. You are too sweet!

Merry Christmas to you, our church family!

Peter and Galena

PS Below are some photos from our church Christmas party 🙂

Peace on Earth

MESSAGE. “Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” (‭Luke‬ ‭2‬:‭14‬ NKJV). In a world broken by evil, God pronounces peace and goodwill. There was no peace on this planet from the day Adam and Eve turned away from their Creator.

The birth of Christ signified the beginning of a new era. He comes with a peace treaty signed by our Heavenly Father. We are no longer strangers to God. Jesus reconciled us to our Creator.

We do not need to live in a “war zone” with one another. His unspeakable love breaks down walls of division; walls erected by our sinful egotism and pride. We find peace in relationships with one another.

Christ’s birth is an answer to our inner battles and frustrations with moral failures. Through His precious gift of righteousness we can live at peace with ourselves. In Him we find the wholeness that we have been desperately searching for. His peace fills our hearts and minds.

Christmas is a message of God’s peace offered to this world.

I invite you to join me tomorrow morning in our detailed study of the good news of Christmas during the 8:55 and 11:25 Sabbath worship services at the Ooltewah SDA church.

Both worship services will be beautified by many favorite Christmas hymns and carols performed by our church choir.

CHURCH LIFE. The love of Christ unites our church families. It motivates us to work for Him and for the wellbeing of His children in our church and in our community. The last few weeks leading to Christmas were packed with many exciting programs and activities. I was blessed to join the Young at Heart group lunch at Souper Salad. We had an excellent Healthy Cooking class. (Thank you, Sylvia and Jennifer). The Bible Trivia night was a wonderful activity that helped our church families get to know one another even better. I feel bad that I had to leave early because of my toothache 😦 . (Thank you, Lupina (the Social committee team), Michelle and Adam, and everyone else who worked hard to make this happen. I am sorry that I cannot mention every name here.)

Feeding the Homeless at the Chattanooga Community kitchen helped many of our members to experience the true spirit of Christmas. Thank you, Lucas, for your leadership in this ministry.


Almost every Sabbath afternoon the Bremner family lightens lives and faces of many residents of the Bridge assisted living center. They come there with words of encouragement and songs of praise. Thank you, Bremners, for your commitment in this area of service. Thank you Paula and Roger Wolf, Brent and Marichu McCutcheon for being a faithful part of this ministry team.

Our church youth has been super proactive in locating families in our community needing help during the holiday season. I am so glad that many of our church members responded in a true Christian spirit and volunteered to help some of these needy families. Thank you, Youth Team, for your caring hearts.

The social committee is inviting us all to a Christmas social party tomorrow (December 19) night. We had a great year together. Let us come and celebrate God’s amazing grace shown to us trough the months of this year.

Can you believe that we are fast approaching our Fresh Financial Start goal of $60,495? We are only $10,104.99 short before we hit the target. I pray that in the next two Sabbaths some of us bring our widow’s $0.99, and all of us together bring the rest. This is OUR church and this is OUR way of showing that we truly care about God’s work in our community. God bless you for your faithfulness!

You can read more about our church life in the freshly published December Church Newsletter. Click here to read it online 


Rita Rogers and her husband Pete are traveling this weekend to be with Pete’s brother who is in a very serious health condition. The family is asking for our prayers.

Tim and Janet Goss came back from Wisconsin last Sunday after Tim’s father’s death. We missed them a lot while they were attending to the needs of their father in the last months of his earthly life. We are glad they are back! However, early this week Janet received devastating news that her sister had a heart attack and did not survive. Tim and Janet will be traveling back to Wisconsin tomorrow night to attend the funeral service. I invite every member of our church to pray for the Goss family.

Amy Goss’ father Jonny fell this week and broke his back in two places. God’s help is strong. Please, pray for Jonny.

Peggy Bell had a successful surgery on both of her knees. She is back home and the recovery is going well. Let’s remember to say our praise and prayers.

Here is a note from pastor Aubrey. We missed her last Sabbath. She was supposed to preach, but instead she was sick and had to spend the Sabbath day home alone. I am glad she is doing much better and was able to continue her pastoral duties though the past week. “Dear Church Family, Thank you so much for the prayers of healing that each of you said for me. I was sick for almost a week but I’m now feeling much better thanks to our gracious Lord. This week, I will be in Florida with my family for Christmas. I pray each of you has a wonderful Christmas as we remember the wonderful gift of our Lord! Blessings, Pastor Aubrey”

Yesterday was a big day for our extern and church elder Daniel DaSilva. He graduated from Southern Adventist university. Congratulations, Daniel. We are sincerely happy for you! Let the Lord bless you in your ministry to His church. You will get a call … in the right time and from the right church. God has a wonderful plan for your life.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

See you tomorrow morning,