Roots of Adventism 

WORSHIP SERVICE. Tomorrow morning we’ll have the blessing of learning more about the Seventh-Day Adventist Heritage. Our speaker for both services is J. Kenneth Ford D.Min. C.S.P.G., Director of Planned Giving and Trust Services at Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Following the second service everyone is invited to stay for the Church Fellowship meal. 


. Pastor Ford will continue his Adventist Heritage seminar right after the Sabbath Fellowship meal.


. The seminar will take place in the Fellowship Hall. Share this message with you friends and family. Invite them to learn how the Lord raised the last days Movement to prepare the world for His soon return. I have no doubts that you’ll be richly blessed by Dr. Ford’s presentations.

MINISTERIAL MEETINGS. Last Sunday afternoon all Georgia-Cumberland Confernce pastors and leaders came together for the winter ministerial meetings. Some mornings it did feel like winter… See a few of my photos 😃 from the Cohutta Springs Conference Center below. Each day was filled with praise and worship sessions, training seminars and reports from the Conference departments. We are a part of a great sisterhood of churches. There are almost 40,000 members in our Conference, and over 160 pastors! 

Some of my new friends 😃

 OAKS. Ooltewah Church school is an oasis of God’s Kingdom on Earth. Many of OAKS students take Bible studies with Ron Malloch, Pastor Aubrey, and me. See our selfie below after the Wednesday afternoon study. It is so much fun to see their excitment as they learn about the Bible and their Creator.

On Thursday morning I was asked to speak for OAKS chapel. Thank you, Jesus, for every one of our OAKS angels.


On Thursday night many of our super committed church members were helping with the setup for the Week of Prayer… They were copying and sorting devotion readings, moving around tables, shopping for muffins and bagels… Thank you, my friends, for your love to God!

 The other group of our church members transformed the Fellowship Hall into a Ballroom. Lots of baloons, nicely decorated tables, tons of great smelling food and a fabulous birthday cake. All that for Don Schlender’s birthday party. Don turned 70. Happy Birthday, Don!!! 🎉 (Greg, your chili  was awesome! Thank you!)


Thank you for showing amazing support of our local church budget. This proves that you treat Ooltewah SDA church as YOUR own church family. Think about the many much needed programs and outreach activities that are being funded by your giving! God bless you for your love to this church and its ministry. 

Happy Sabbath!

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