Pathfinder Club Sabbath

  WEEK OF PRAYER. During the last 8 days twice a day a group of our prayer warriors got together to pray about our church. Many prayer requests were placed on the cross in the front of the church. We’ve been praying about our church growth, about spirit-filled living, our daily connection with Jesus, victory over illnesses, financial troubles, marital problems, etc. Thank you, Sandra and Connie, for making daily arrangements for this program. I hope we’ll be repeating our common church prayer sessions throughout the year. It’s good to pray together.

PATHFINDER CLUB SABBATH. Tomorrow the worship service will be presented by the Patnfinder Club with pastor Aubrey sharing the Sabbath morning message. Due to possible hazardous road conditions, the OAKS band will not be able to participate in the program, but I have no doubts that we’ll have two great services. 



If you do not feel safe driving tomorrow morning I recommend that you stay home and watch the live web-stream of our service. You can find the link on the main page of our website at 


  Have you ever tried giving your tithe and offering online through our church website? It is safe, convenient and easily accessible. When you open click the ONLINE GIVNG button in the main menu. I personally use it every week.

Speaking of tithe and offerings, I’d like to encourage you to keep our local church budget going steady and consistent. This will help us to avoid fundraising campaigns in November and December. How much do I contribute weekly towards the local church budget? I’d like all of us to ask ourselves this question every Friday night as we prepare for Sabbath worship service.

PATHFIDER CLUB ACTIVITIES. Here are a few photos from the Pathfinder club trips last weekend. Juniors went to Cross Fit at Cohutta Springs, and Teens went on their Ski trip to Beach Mountain Resort. Looks like they had lots of fun! Praise God there were no injuries and they all safely came back. 



OAKS. Our school is inviting everyone to attend their annual Variety Show this Sabbath evening at 6:30 in the Fellowship Hall of our church. There will be a cake and pie auction. Please, bake lots of pies and bring them to the auction tomorrow. All proceeds will go to benefit OAKS  Worthy Student Fund. 

SABBATH VESPERS. All of us are strangers in most corners of the world. The refugee crisis in Europe has been brought into our lives via the media. Elder Markus Alt, the Director of GR3, Geneva, Switzerland will present a program about his recent trip to the Greek island of Lesbos and his efforts with the humanitarian crisis of refugees trying to escape the Civil War in Syria. Elder Alt will provide compelling video and pictures with his presentation. Vespers will start at 5 pm in the sanctuary.  

On a personal note… Galena never stops to amaze me with her creativity. Because of the NO SNOW Wednesday night her office closed early. When I came home that night she baked rose-shaped apple pies. Made from scratch! Looked awesome and tasted absolutely delicious 😋

Be safe and be blessed!

Happy Sabbath.


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