MESSAGE. Whenever we’re faced with a choice—whether major or minor—we should always ask ourselves: What
is the wisest thing to do? God wants us to seek
His wisdom and live the best possible life without suffering the consequences of foolish choices. What does it mean to live wisely? I invite you to find the answer tomorrow morning as I continue my sermon series on the book of Ephesians. Please read chapter five.

CHURCH LIFE. YOUNG ADULTS. Some of our Young Adult Sabbath School class members met at River City Pottery to paint ceramics and fellowship together. Michelle Garrett shared this photo with me.
 YOUTH. The kids had a great time passing out 5$ gift cards to 30 unexpected local cafe customers. All the people responded with surprise and unbelief at this random act of kindness. Some expressed their joy with hugs. One lady stated that she was feeling down and we made her day. Another person said they’ve been looking for a church and took our information gladly. Along with the gift card each customer received a card with contact info for our pastoral staff. What a wonderful way to create awareness in our community of the caring Ooltewah SDA church family.

PATHFINDERS. The Pathfinder club is heading to Cohutta Springs this afternoon to be part of the Pathfinders’ Prayer Conference. Let us pray that this Conference will be an enriching experience for your young people. Pastor Aubrey was planning on being there through the whole weekend, but unfortunately she got sick with strep throat. She is now at home with a fever of 101. Please remember Aubrey in your prayers.

EVANGELISM. Our “Church Events” card has been printed and next week will be mailed to most of the Collegedale and Ooltewah area residents. Thank you, Lucas, for designing and ordering the card.

In addition to our local outreach let’s also remember our international evangelism ministry. We are exactly twenty days away from the opening night of the meetings in Omsk. You can read more about the meetings here:  I am praying for $3,333 that we need towards Bibles for the visitors. If you are willing to help you can mark your donation as Light of Hope on the tithe envelope.

One thing I am sure of is that our feet will stay warm in Siberia through every day of the meetings. A sweet family from our church donated all these awesome, warm, wool socks 🐑! How amazingly blessed we are to be a part of this awesome church family. You are so gracious. 🙏🏻

Tomorrow is our full church Fellowship Meal Sabbath. Please remember to bring your favorite dish. We will also need potluck volunteers, especially for cleanup. 🙂 Thank you!

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