Walking With God

Walking with God takes faith. It takes commitment. It takes consistency. The Bible tells us about Enoch who walked with God. Enoch lived during a unique time in human history, just before God’s judgment of the world by the flood. Against this very dark backdrop was a man who walked with God and was spared death. Enoch is a prototype of the last-days believers, showing us how to live as we await the Lord’s return.

He [Enoch] was of one mind with God…. If we are of one mind with God, our will be swallowed up in God’s will, and we shall follow wherever God leads the way. As a loving child places his hand in that of his father, and walks with him in perfect trust whether it is dark or bright, so the sons and daughters of God are to walk with Jesus through joy or sorrow. (The RH, December 3, 1889.)

BAPTISMS. The Gospel of salvation leads people to a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their loving Savior. I am grateful to God that our Ooltewah church sees evangelism as a priority in our ministry. In March our emphasis was on preaching the Three Angels’ Message in cold Siberia and rejoicing in a wonderful spiritual harvest. In the first two weeks of April we’ve already witnessed eight baptisms in our own Ooltewah church. Praise God for every dear soul. Below are a few pictures from last week’s baptism.


YOUTH MINISTRY. Were we not all blessed by a great skit presented last Sabbath by our youth? However, they are active in ministry not only within the walls of our church. That same Sabbath afternoon Galena and I drove downtown to see our youth feed the homeless and low-income residents of Chattanooga. See a few photos below. Thank you, youth, for sharing the true meaning of the Gospel with sincere acts of love.


GARDENING SEMINAR. Have you invited your friends and neighbors to the Gardening Seminar? If not, it’s not too late. The seminar is this Sunday in the Fellowship Hall of our church.

OOLTEWAH BIBLE SEMINAR. We are only seven days away from the opening night of the MYSTERIES OF THE KINGDOM seminar. I invite you to pray for the 10,000 households in Ooltewah/Collegedale area that received seminar flyers this week, as well as for all those who heard of it on Chattanooga’s radio station, J103. But nothing can bring more visitors than your personal invitation. Next Friday night, April 22, is the first topic, Collapse of World Empires.

Many of you have Facebook accounts, please go to the Ooltewah Church Facebook and share the post about the upcoming seminar on your Facebook so we can reach as many people as we can. Thank you!

THIS WEEKEND: FULL CHURCH POTLUCK – After the second service. There will also be a Deacon/Deaconess meeting following the potluck. Please plan to attend.

BABY SHOWER – Sabbath, at the Fellowship Center @ 8:15 p.m. for Argie Avila and Tiffany Rigdon. They are having a baby boy, and we are very excited for the family.

GARDENING 101 – Sunday, April 17 from 3-5 pm.

ADVENTURER INVESTITURE – Tomorrow, April 17, in the Sanctuary @ 3:00 p.m.

FINANCE MEETING – 6:00 p.m. Monday


CHURCH BOARD – Monday 7:00 p.m.

PATHFINDER INVESTITURE – Wednesday, April 20, in the Fellowship Center @ 6:30 p.m.

Click here to access our church bulletin. 

PRAYERS NEEDED: Your prayers are needed for our dear sister Mary Ellen Walter.
Please also pray for the Pathfinder Club. They are camping at Cohutta Springs this weekend. (I am surprised it is not raining or snowing 😀.) Pastor Aubrey is there to support the club.

Heartfelt THANK YOU to our office staff for the commitment and dedication to the ministry of our church. This week was super hectic with all the daily needs as well as the approaching Bible seminar. Let the Lord reward you abundantly for your hard work.

See you tomorrow morning,


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