Collapse of World Empires


Tonight is the opening night of the MYSTERIES OF THE KINGDOM Bible seminar. Our study tonight is based on Daniel 2. How accurate are the prophecies about the world empires? Did they come true? What about the European Union? Come tonight at 7 o’clock to find answers to these and many other important questions.


Adventurer Club had a great Investiture program on April 17. Thank you, Becky Denton and your team, for your creative and fun leadership. The children love and appreciate you. Below are a few photos from that night:

PATHFINDER CLUB. Mr. Cory shared a brief report about the camping trip last weekend: “We spent a long weekend enjoying beautiful weather and renewing friendships with pathfinders from Cubs around our conference. The worship theme, “# I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel 1:16″, was based on Romans 1:16. There were also many, many activities to participate in like; human fuse ball, soccer, earning honors, putt putt, frisbee golf, pin trading and the list goes on. There were two baptisms in true pathfinder style in which they where their full class A uniform into the water. I could go on and on but it all boils down to food, fun, and friends in a spiritually enriching atmosphere.”

Thank you, Cory, for your leadership!!! Someone looks like you on the photo below 🙂



Jon and Christine Reinoehl are moving today. After many years serving our church they are relocating closer to their parents. We’ll be praying for you, Jon and Christine. You’ll be greatly missed. Our church lawn will shed many tears also. You’ve been doing such a fabulous job maintaining our lawn in perfect shape. Heartfelt THANK YOU to you for many years of your volunteer service to this church. We’ll never forget the thousands of volunteer hours that helped our church save thousands of dollars. God bless you!

This week Brent McCutcheon came to our rescue and mowed the grass on the church property. Thank you, Brent! The church looks happy 🙂 and is ready for the Sabbath day.

With Joh and Christine moving we need a caring gardener. With new plants in front of the church building and brand new lawn equipment we need someone who’ll step in and serve as our landscaping overseer/coordinator. Please, talk to me or Steve if you see this as your calling. (Clarification: you’ll not be expected to do all the work. There are others who are ready to help. We need a coordinator.)


OUR BEST TO GOD. Our Finance Committee met this week and pledged financial support to the Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs! These are the ministries where the majority of our children learn what church is all about. Please, remember that we support these ministries through our local church budget. This is the area where some catching up is needed tomorrow and next week. I pray that we meet our financial goal for this month and continue to support many wonderful ministries of our church. God bless you for your faithfulness!

PRAYERS. You prayers are needed for the OAKS band members. They are on a far away trip. Let the Lord grant them safety as they travel. Pastor Aubrey took a couple of days off to visit her parents and on Sunday she’ll meet up with the band in Tampa.

See you tonight!



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