Fill the Waterpots with Water

the-marriage-feast-at-cana.jpg!LargeMESSAGE. Our Lord is able to take the humdrum, commonplace, ordinary events of any life and with his touch make them full of flavor, fragrance, strength, and beauty; to turn them into wine. He will do this with any of us as we faithfully walk with him, follow him, and believe in him. Tomorrow morning is my sixth sermon in the “7 Miracles of Jesus” series. I invite you to study John 2:7-11.


Men’s Ministry update: Ooltewah Men’s Ministry Group met last Sunday for their monthly prayer breakfast. Here is a brief update from Edymar:

  • First and by far the most important thing we discussed, it all starts with a 1-2-1 relationship with our Lord and savior (spending time in the word and walking with God)
  • the need to carry each other’s burdens (iron sharpens iron)
  • the start of a men’s study group (using the series 33 videos), more to come on when and where
  • the importance of out reach and in reach (I am currently getting in touch with a few ladies who need our help, more to come)
  • how we plan to have fun! (hiking, biking, family barn fires, farther daughter/son events)
  • the importance of keeping each other accountable (if we see someone hurting themselves, we need to pray for guidance and act)
  • how we are all leaders and how each one of us are valued
  • the importance in learning how to grow as husbands, fathers, sons, friends, co-workers, bosses, etc.

New Men’s SS Class. Next Sabbath, September 10, Men’s Ministry is launching a new Sabbath school class. Here is a word from Dan Turkenkopf: “New Men’s sabbath school featuring the 33 Series (video based) will starting September 10th in the 5th grade classroom at OAKS (at least for the first couple weeks) with two times to choose from… either 9a.m.-10a.m. or 10:15a.m.-11:10.  This program can change your life!! Please join us to start your journey to Authentic Manhood!”


God’s hand is here and working with all of us to create a loving and caring church.

A couple of days ago our Head Elder, Steve Bremner, sent an email message to our Board members with some fascinating facts. Our church has 42 vibrant ministries!!! Here is Steve’s message:

“Praise the Lord for our very active church and many different ministries. 
Praise the Lord for all the ministry leaders and volunteers. 
Praise the Lord for our two pastors. 
With all the different needs each department/ministry has the Lord keep it all together. Praise the Lord.
Please look at a few of the different ministries we have listed in alphabetical order.   Adventurers, Audio Visual, Benevolence Committee, Bible Studies, Bridge at Ooltewah, Building Committee, Children’s packets, Church Board, Church Clerk, Church Directory, Church Office, Church Safety, Church Supplies, Cleaning Crew, Community Service, Deaconesses, Deacons, Elders, Family Ministry, Feeding the Homeless, Fellowship Meals, Finance Committee, Greeters, Grounds Crew, Health Seminars, Men’s Ministry, Music Ministry, New Member packets, OAKS, Pathfinders, Morning Prayer Group, Prayer Meeting, Prayer Ministries (phone chain), Prison Ministry, Sabbath Schools (11 different classes), Season of Change, Singsperation, Small Groups, Social Committee, Student Assistance, Treasurer, Vespers, Visitation, Visitors Packets, Women’s Ministry, Youth, and this is not a full list.”
Imagine the number of our church members engaged in all of these ministries! This is simply awesome. Do you feel left out? One of these ministries definitely needs you!
(If you don’t see me or pastor Aubrey at one of your functions, please, don’t be upset. We’ll have more hours a day when we all get to heaven. 🙂

CONNECT.  Tomorrow morning we are voting on the church membership transfer for  John and Kathy Sabo who recently retired to Harrison, TN, from Florida, where John pastored for the past 31 years.

saboBefore that they lived and worked for 8 years in the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference in Canada. John is from former Yugoslavia and immigrated to Canada with his parents in 1964. He attended Kingsway College, Newbold College, and graduated from Canadian Union College in 1974.

While attending seminary at Andrews University, John met Kathy through Adventist Contact, a computer dating site. One week after he graduated with M.Div. degree, they were married in Auburn, Washington in 1977 where Kathy had been teaching music for 3 years.

Kathy is a pastor’s daughter with a Master degree in Music Education. She has taught in various church and public schools full-time for 20 years in addition to being highly involved in the worship music of the churches where John served.

The Sabos have a daughter who lives in Ft. Worth, TX, and a son and daughter-in-law who also live in Harrison. Of course, they have two adorable grandsons to keep up with, one of which attends OAKS. Welcome, John and Kathy!

THE CONNECT Ministry needs you. Please plan to join THE BIG MEETING on September 10 at 7 PM. Everyone is needed and everyone is welcomed to that meeting. We’ll be brainstorming about better ways of connecting our members and visitors in our service to the Lord and to this community. Following the meeting is GAME night. Bring your table games, bring cookies and snacks. We’ll have a great time together.

YOUNG AT HEART. I had a great time with the YOUNG AT HEART group of our church members on Thursday afternoon. We had lunch at the Acropolis restaurant. I hope you’ll join this group next time after you see some of my photos below:


TESTIMONY.  “In the photo you see my family:
ZALABAKChristine (left), Candice (middle), myself (right), Kaelyn (center), and now the story.

In 1990 Christine had attended VBS program and asked me to take her back to church, where she attended Sabbath School. I fulfilled her desire by taking her to Sabbath school and then we left to go home. For weeks this was our routine, until I was approached for Bible study and then baptism, while pregnant with Candice.

Christine’s desire that God gave her led me, Candice, and my granddaughter Kaelyn to know Jesus and remember the Sabbath Day. Glory to God!” Carleen Zalabak.



Health Seminar in Ooltewah by Vegan Chef

Ooltewah, TN –  September 17 thru September 18, 2016 – Melody Prettyman, a Texas-based vegan chef and author, will present two health seminars on Saturday, September 17 at 5:00 pm,  and  Sunday, September 18 at 3:00 pm, at the Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist church, 9209 Amos Road, Ooltewah, TN 37363.

Melody Prettyman is a regularly featured cooking expert on Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) and co-hosts a weekly radio program with Nikki Anderson, “Focus on Healthy Foods” on 3ABN radio.  Chef Melody Prettyman and Chef Mark Anthony together provide cooking programs for Ifoodtv, Loma Linda TV, SmartLifestyle TV, and Good News TV. She has served as chef for numerous events, including Dr. Neil Nedley’s Depression seminars, Heartwise Ministries with Dr. James Marcum, Young Disciple Youth Camp, and religious retreats. She specializes in preparing foods for people with allergies, wheat and gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free diets. Melody is the author of Simply Yummy, a plant-based cookbook.  Her upcoming cookbook, Simply Yummy Unprocessed, features recipes for individuals eliminating oil and refined sugar without sacrificing taste.  Simply Yummy Gluten-free, her third cookbook scheduled for release in 2017, will have plant-based, gluten-free recipes.  Since 2010, Melody has been giving seminars on health and simple home remedies.  For more information, check her website at

The seminar on Saturday, September 17, presents Simple Home Remedies.  On Sunday, September 18, Melody tells about her transition to a whole food plant-based lifestyle and the steps to take to prevent illness, reduce stress, and eliminate lifestyle diseases. Samples will be provided at both events.

To pre-register, call (423) 531-6181 or email  The seminars are free but donations are accepted on-site to support this ministry.  These seminars are provided by the Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church to encourage community residents to live healthier lives through exercise, plenty of sunshine, spiritual growth, and a whole food plant-based diet.


See you tomorrow,



*The Marriage Feast at Cana is a painting by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, a Spanish Baroque painter, XVII-th century

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