Remember the Sabbath Day


MESSAGE. The Good News of the Sabbath is that Christ has brought us “release” (Luke 4:18) and thus we can rest and rejoice in His forgiveness. Freed by Christ’s grace from fear and guilt of our past failures, we begin to comprehend the possibilities and opportunities that God places before us. As we take time to reflect on God’s accomplishments commemorated by the Sabbath, we are challenged to achieve new goals through the assurance of His divine power and presence.

Tomorrow morning I continue my October series entitled “Crossing Over the Desert”. My message will be based on Exodus 19:4-6.

MINISTRY. Early Wednesday morning our Pathfinders left for Camp Kalaqua. From the text messages and Facebook posts I can say that they are having a great time. We’ll keep them in our prayers until they are safely back on Monday morning. Pastor Aubrey is spending this weekend with the Pathfinder club in Florida.

New Directory. Hello! Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church is making a new pictorial directory and wants you to be included. You can make your photography appointment at the church. The photography dates are Sunday and Monday, November 6-7 and Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, November 13-15. Please make your appointment so you will be included in the new pictorial directory for Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church. Thank you and have a blessed day!

PRAYERS. The following post is copied from Dan Turkenkopf’s Facebook: “Baby Elizabeth Grace is here!!! 5lb 9oz. Mom and baby are doing very well…and surprisingly so am i😉

For our new members and visitors: Dan Turkenkopf is Shelly’s husband. Shelly is our church school principal.



Please, pray for George Mackel. He is still at Standifer Gap rehabilitation center.

Penny Smith is back home after her two surgeries. She appreciates all of your prayers.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. An Evening with Michael Harris

Michael was drowning in a sea of drugs and alcohol but God delivered him by way of the One Step Program (Psalm 40:1-3). He cried out to God and today he shares his miraculous life story that only Christ can give. He is now the President of “Restoration in the Son Ministries International”.

Michael has appeared on various Christian telecasts and radio stations, including TBN, “One Hundred Huntley Street,” and Canadian Broadcasting Christian Network in Toronto, Canada. His testimony and music on the “It is Written” telecast with Mark Finley has blessed millions throughout the world. Michael has appeared on the “Three Angels Broadcasting Network”, the “Hope Channel”, My Story, and My Song, with Kandace Thorpe, along with Elder Don Schneider, on “Really Living”. He recently was invited at 3ABN to do an entire one-hour concert called, “An Evening with Michael Harris,” giving his miraculous conversion story along with his music.

new_michael_harrisMichael is a member of the “The Voice of Prophecy” Family Reunion DVD’s, and has been interviewed by Elder Lonnie Melashanko on the “Voice of Prophecy” radio program. He has also been invited to sing at four General Conference Sessions, including the most recent at GC 2015 in San Antonio. Michael is also passionate about doing Prison Ministry where he inspires inmates to place their trust in Christ alone.

Along with various church outreaches, Michael loves to visit the incarcerated populations around the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ setting the captives free. He has appeared with Elder Doug Bachelor, on “The Amazing Facts” television. Now for more than 26 years, Michael has shared his music and testimony in 50 states and 25 countries, which includes the United States, Canada, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Fiji Islands. He is regularly invited to present his ministry at Camp meetings, including Big Camp, in Queensland Australia and Camp Meeting in Perth, Australia as well as all denominational churches, prisons, and Men’s Retreats.

But nothing captures the heart like his live presentations with power point images which are extremely passionate and spirit-filled. You must see him to experience God’s life changing power. Michael knows that without Christ he can do nothing and solely depends on the Holy Spirit working in and through him.

Come this Sabbath at 6 PM and be blessed by his testimony and music.

Michael will also sing special music for both services tomorrow morning.

HOPE Bible study group meets tonight at 6:30 at the Samaritan Center community room.

FULL CHURCH POTLUCK is tomorrow after the second service. Everyone is welcome. Bring your favorite dish to share with the visitors.


For more announcements and this week’s church bulletin click here.

Online giving is available on the church website.

See you tomorrow. Blessed Sabbath day to you.


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