The Shield of Faith

MESSAGE. Ephesians 6:16 “…above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.”

A shield deflects. Satan is always hurling his fiery darts of fear, doubt and worry in our direction, but the only time they can hit us is when we let our shield of faith down—when we stop believing that God is in control; that He is working everything out for our good; that whatever happens is for the ultimate best of everyone involved, however little it seems to be that way.
Tomorrow morning I’ll continue my series on the Battle Ready Life. Part 5: The Shield of Faith.

MINISTRY. Thank you, Adventurers, for the exceptional second service program last Sabbath. We have great leaders helping our children grow in various skills and be engaged in church ministries. I was moved to tears watching the Adventurers march to the front, leading in the congregational singing, praying, reciting the Scripture and singing for God’s glory. I hope our church will be suportive of the Adventurer Club Valentine’s Banquet this Sunday afternoon.

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Below are a few photos from the Patnfinders’ Lock in. Thank you, Cory and your staff for your ministry to our children.

Cereal Barrel Ministry needs a boost. Let’s not forget about those in our community who may not have anything to eat for breakfast. Cereal Barrel Ministry helps these families with their basic needs. The Barrel is right in the lobby of our church. Please, bring a box tomorrow or next week. “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in” Matthew 25:35

Mission Trips. Nick Wilson is back from his mission trip and tomorrow morning he’ll share a brief report with us. He told me that he’ll also show us a few pictures. Exciting!

Please, remember the upcoming mission trip for Burl and Deven Stricker. They are heading to Nicaragua on February 26. If you are willing to support their mission please mark your donation as “The Stricker Mission.”

Light of Hope. This will be my last Sabbath in Ooltewah before heading to Moscow, Russia, and Mariupol in Ukraine. The preparation is going well in Moscow. Local pastors and conference leaders are doing their best. We are exactly a week away from the opening night of the meetings. Here is a promo video which is being played on various social networks and on TBN Russia. Peter speaking in tongues 😊. The situation in Ukraine requires God’s intervention. Please pray for our pastors in Mariupol. The local authorities are backing off from the promise to allow our meetings to be held in a rented auditorium in the central city location. Unless a miracle happens the meetings will be taking place in two small local SDA building. This may require up to three meetings a day. Either way those living in Eastern Ukraine need to find hope in the soon coming of the Lord. Many of them don’t even have food. Our Light of Hope Ministry plan is to help them with bags of basic groceries. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

PRAYERS. Seeking your prayers for Dorothy Champion, Zoe Rauene, Gene Fowler (he is back home and the recovery is going well), Elaine Stevens and Sondra Chilson.

RESOURCES. FULL WEEKLY BULLETIN with inserts. Click here.

Upcoming Sabbaths preview: February 18 – pastor David Bissell; February 26 – Pathfinder Club Sabbath with pastor Aubrey; March 4 – Clifford Goldstein morning and afternoon; March 11 – Dr. Philip Samaan, morning, afternoon seminars and Vespers with music and Dr Samaan perspective on ISIS.

See you tomorrow morning,


One thought on “The Shield of Faith

  1. Hi Pastor Peter and Miss Galena, l am praying for your mission to the East. Our Lord Jesus is leading in this and will accomplish much for His Kingdom. I am so, so sick of this old dingy sinful world. Only His coming to gather us all home will change our situation here on Earth. Please pray for me as I’m personally going though trials. But to God be the glory for the trials to make us stronger.
    If you get a chance can you please look for some coins or bank notes from your travels?
    Continued blessing to you and your counterparts in the work of our Lord Jesus!!


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