The Unity of the Spirit

MESSAGE. Late last night I arrived in Moscow, Russia. In spite of the fact that I missed two nights of sleep I headed straight to the Seventh-day Adventist church which will be hosting the meetings. I brought with me some crucial equipment needed for the uplink of the broadcast to the satellite feed. With 24 hours left to the first meeting our Light of Hope team in Moscow couldn’t afford waiting till morning. At 11 pm technicians and church leaders were all there. Some were hanging platform banners, others were running around with cords and microphones. I noticed folding beds in one of the offices. Definitely no time to waste … working and sleeping at church. They want to be ready to share the Bread of Life. We have a wonderful church family all across the globe. We share the same mission. They may eat different food, listen to different music, dress not like us (definitely warmer … 😁 it’s cold here 😨) but they are our family. They are also eagerly waiting for the soon coming of the Lord. Let’s treasure and build up this unity.

Ephesians 4:3 says that we should be “Eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” God’s Spirit wants our church to be unified. God’s Spirit wants us to love and forgive and forbear one another (see Ephesians 4:2). That’s what God’s Spirit is going for in our church, that we will stay together and work together.

MINISTRY. OAKS Variety Show was a hoot! Fun, laughter, and pies made the night a memorable one as we all chipped in to raise $1680 for the Worthy Student Fund. Praise the Lord!


Jessica and John Turner are pleased to announce the arrival of their beautiful son. Alexandre Corban Turner was born on February 13 at 9:38am weighing 9lbs 8oz., 22 inches long. Congratulations Turner Family!


Pastor Aubrey shares the following announcement: “I have had the privilege of being the Associate Pastor here for the last year and a half and have learned from all of you. As part of continuing my education to become the best pastor I can be, I will be pursuing my Masters of Divinity degree at Andrews University this coming fall. I will miss you all and covet your prayers as I prepare, but in the meantime, we have 6 months together so let’s make the best of them : )”

Aubrey, you’ll always be part of this church. We definitely have mixed feelings: happy for your plans for the future and sad you’ll have to move. But let’s not say goodbye yet. There’s still a lot that needs to be done while you are here.


With prayers for each one of you,


6 thoughts on “The Unity of the Spirit

  1. Praises to God for your safe trip. That is a very lovely church. I am praying daily + for your protection, the meetings, & those who attend.

    Happy Sabbath !!


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  2. Glad for your safe arrival and the zeal of the church there in Moscow to get ready for the meetings, even in the middle of the night. May you get some rest on the Sabbath, even if you will be preaching. We will continue to pray for God’s Spirit to strengthen you and give wisdom and safety.


  3. We are so thankful you arrived safely, Pastor. You remain in our thoughts and prayers as you begin sharing the good news. Can’t wait to see what the Holy Spirit is going to do!


  4. So thankful to hear of your safe arrival. It is warming and inspiring to know that the believers if Russia value the presentation of the Eternal Father to their neighbors and fellow citizens that they give up their sleep to loving prepare for the Word of God’s presentation. I am praying for your safety and power for you to preach the compelling message of a loving, saving God who desires their hearts. Blessings are prayed for you and for all who are participating in these meetings. We have prayed God Spirit to go before you, to be with you and the speak through you. Even so come Lord Jesus!


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