From Moscow with Love

Greetings from Moscow,

I’m glad I can send you a few lines to update you on our Light of Hope mission to Eastern Europe.

The series started last Sabbath. On that first night of the meetings those in attendance were blessed with a performance by the Moscow SDA orchestra. The beautiful music touched every soul. Unfortunately, we ran out of seats and had to set up a live feed into the basement hall. The topic for the first night was “Accepting the Gift of the Abundant Life.” We looked into the path leading to the life filled with meaning and truth. Since that first night the meetings have been broadcast by the newly launched SDA satellite channel blanketing Eastern Europe and Asia. In addition, the meetings are broadcast on the Evangelical Trinity Broadcasting Network – Russia (TBN). TBN has an established audience of millions of viewers. This is certainly a historical opportunity  of reaching these dear people with the message of the soon coming of the Lord. We are now on our seventh day of the series and each night we receive hundreds of prayer requests and questions related to the specific topic.

An in depth Bible study and baptismal class has been established at the hosting site as well as in many other churches across the division.

The city has been blanketed by snow all week, but the meetings are continuing and we appreciate all your prayers and support.


I’m glad that the gospel path leads to a different direction than Vladimir Lenin’s 🙂

On Wednesday, I will start my journey to Ukraine for another week of meetings in Mariupol, Ukraine, Donetsk region.

Miss you and praying for you,


6 thoughts on “From Moscow with Love

  1. I’m praying for you dear friend. I recognize the church and even some faces in the crowd who were part of the choir that sang with me when I was there. It’s 65 degrees and sunny here. Don’t miss that snow at all. 🙂 Take care of yourself. Be safe and carry on in His strength.


  2. Praise the Lord, dear Pastor! We are thrilled to see the Holy Spirit at work. We will continue to keep you and your team in prayer.


  3. So grateful for your dedication and the Spirit that is within you! Know that we are continuing to lift you up in prayer as God uses you in a mighty way! Blessings!


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