Who Is Your God?

MESSAGE. Today’s church struggles with idolatry just like the nation of Israel struggled with it. Repeatedly Israel invited God’s displeasure by their dual allegiance which was and is idolatry. Elijah saw the condition of Israel’s dual allegiance and challenged Israel to settle the issue as to who or what their god was. We also must settle the issue as to who our God is. When God declares, “You shall have no other gods before me,” His point is essentially this: “I am the omnipotent God. Accept no impotence, no fakes, no dysfunction. I am omnipresent and omniscient. If your god can be made with your own hands, that’s a fail. No harlotting with Buddha, Vishnu, Brahman, or Muhammad. No false gods. I am Elohim, El Shaddai, El Elyon, Yaweh, God, Judge, Creator, the All-Sufficient One, the Most High God. I am in charge. I love you. Do what I say. I am God.”

This Sabbath morning I am starting a new sermon series on The Ten Commandments. Tomorrow morning is Part 1 “Who Is Your God?”


“A Fresh Start” program has been a huge blessing to everyone who chose to be a part of this adventurous journey. Our Health Ministry team did a fabulous job. Thank you, Sylvia Hyde, Jennifer Verduzco, Molly Recchia and everyone else who was an integral part of this life changing experience. Below is a brief report from Molly on the last segment of the program:

“The finale event for the 2017 A Fresh Start Health and Fitness Challenge was held this past Sunday. Participants gathered for a final event to celebrate having practiced healthy habits such as getting fresh air, exercise, and rest and consuming more fruits, vegetables, and water as well as improving our relationships with God and others during the 8 week challenge. The celebration included a healthy meal, smoothies, and drawings for great prizes.

Educational and encouragement sessions were held every two weeks throughout the challenge and included presentations by local physicians, a nurse practitioner, and local professor and developer of Intermittent Training as well as for healthy food demonstrations.

The Health Ministry team urges us to continue to strive to live healthier lives and care for the “temples” God has given us.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Health Rally by E.W. Dempsey on April 29th. See you then!” Molly Recchia


PASTOR AUBREY: “The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! It started with a sickness that lasted 11 days and I was unsure I would be able to travel. The elders came to my house and anointed me and by God’s grace, I was feeling better within 24hrs.

I was then off to France and Israel with my mom. We had a GREAT time and were very blessed. The most touching moment of the trip for me was to have the privilege to rebaptize my mom in the Jordan River on my 24th birthday. I got to be a part of my mom being reborn on the day she gave me birth. I’m blessed and speechless indeed. Then, after a short time back at home, I was off again to be the maid-of-honor in my best friend’s wedding. So, after much travel and little sleep, I’m glad to be home. I’ve missed you all and look forward to sharing more with you about my trip tomorrow morning. Happy Sabbath : )

Last Sabbath some of our youth went to the conference wide Youth & Young Adult Festival, Regenerate. Testimonies from mission trips, powerful sermons, and laughs were shared throughout the day and I know many were blessed. Thank you to each of you who made the day possible.

This Saturday night at 7:30pm we will have youth vespers in the sanctuary and then open gym. See you there!”

ANNUAL CHURCH YARD SALE. Are you ready to support our big yard sale? The funds raised from the sale will go towards a new AC unit for our sanctuary. However, as of this morning we are still low on the items donated for the yard sale. But it is not too late. Bring the items you are willing to donate on Sabbath night or early Sunday morning. Come even if you don’t have anything to donate. Jackie and Juanita need your help in setting up the tables, greeting people from the community, making new friends and inviting them to our April Bible seminar.

Here is a message from Edymar sent to our church men: “Gentlemen, I hope this email finds you doing well. This Sunday is our monthly breakfast and we have the opportunity to help the church raise money to replace the sanctuary HVAC unit. The plan is to sell a breakfast plate that will include pancakes, breakfast links and a cup of juice. We will meet at 6:45-7:00am to start the set up and cook while enjoying some fellowship. If you are able to help with cooking and serving, please call, text or find me at church tomorrow and let me know.”


CEREAL BARREL. Yesterday Julia Easter sent me a sad message. Our Community Cereal Barrel is almost empty. You can actually see the bottom. This is not right. I know that our church sincerely cares about the needy families in our community. I pray that we will fix this problem and make that barrel overflow on a weekly basis.

PRAYERS. Our regular church visitor Richard Dahlberg had surgery on Wednesday morning. He is currently at Memorial hospital and needs our prayer support. Please, remember his wife Adele who is there with Richard day and night.

Don Morgan is back home. His body is week, but his spirit is strong. As always he is smiling and hoping to be back at church soon.

Please, keep Dorothy Champion in your prayers daily.

RESOURCES. Online tithe and offering is available on our church website http://www.ooltewahchurch.org

Weekly church bulletin with inserts: click here

See you tomorrow,


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