Hallowed Be Your Name

MESSAGE. The relationship based on love and respect that we have with our parents mirrors our relationship with God, our spiritual Father. Just as our parents give us rules and obligations to follow for our benefit, so does our spiritual Father. God’s instructions are found in His Ten Commandments. These commandments teach us the proper relationship we should have toward God and our fellow human beings.

In the Third Commandment we are commanded by God to honor and respect His name: “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain” (Exodus 20:7). Would you find it offensive if others were to treat your name disrespectfully? Names identify and instruct as to what something is. We all want good and honorable things associated with our names, because our names are reflections of who we are. All agree that a strong relationship is based upon respect. One of the most important ways to respect God is by reverencing His name. He tells us to not only obey Him, but also to hold His name as holy.

This Sabbath morning we’ll look deeper into the meaning of the Third Commandment. Call upon God and His name today, and experience the power of his saving name in your own life.

MINISTRY. Our Adventurers had tons of fun spending a night at Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga. Thank you Becky Denton and your awesome team for your love to our little ones. See some pictures below. Aren’t we thankful to God for all these children that we have in our church?

Men’s Ministry. Our church is a strong group of God fearing and people men. Here is an excerpt from Edymar’s email: 

“I wanted to thank everyone that came out last Sunday (3/26) to help with the yard sale. As most of you know by now, it was a success overall with the yard sale raising north of $2000.00 towards the cost of replacing the sanctuaries HVAC unit! Not to shabby! 😉  There were a lots of guys present helping with the yard sale needs and cooking up breakfast to sell. The pancakes were a hit and brought in $145.00! Again, thank you to all those who were able to come out and help. I am already looking forward to the end of the month. 

On another note; April is the month we will be building the handicap ramp for a local family. I will be confirming which Sunday works best for the them this week. I have 3-4 guys confirmed and able to help but could use 3 to 4 more. If you posses some carpentry skills and would like to help, please get with me ASAP. The time commitment should be around 6 to 8 hours one Sunday this month. More details to come soon.”

Tomorrow is a high Sabbath at our church. Both services will take place in the Fellowship Hall. Church choir and Band will lift our hearts to heaven. I encourage everyone not to miss the service as we’ll remember Christ’s death and His resurrection, partaking of the symbols of His body and His blood. What a wonderful way to remember the price Christ paid for our salvation. What an excellent opportunity to celebrate His matchless love. Please, come prepared. Forgive those who offended you. Extend your love to those who may feel discouraged. Communion Sabbath is always my favorite. 

The Sabbath morning concert will continue in the afternoon. Sanctuary choir and Brass for worship would like to re-sing and re-play many of the songs we learned this season.  The performance is planned for tomorrow evening at 4:00-5:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Come and bring a friend. 

Full church potluck is scheduled for April 22.

PLEASE, DONT FORGET ABOUT SUNDY OAKBOW CONCERT ON CAMBRIDGE SQUARE AT 4 pm. A totally unique opportunity to bless our community with beautiful music. Wes Bradford will direct a 45 member Ensemble from OAKS and Bowman Hills schools. Spread the word! Invite your friends and neighbors. 

CONNECT. Tomorrow morning we are welcoming new members into our church family. Carl and Candy Bartlett and Louis Phillips, we are honored to have you join our church.

This afternoon our own Lupina Haney is speaking at Women’s Ministry Leaders’ training seminar meeting at Cohutta Conference Center. I feel honored to have leaders like Lupina.

Steve Bremner and Paula Wolfe are active in the prison ministry and this evening they are attending a five hour training session. Thank you, Steve and Paula for your commitment to this outreach program.

PRAYERS. Thank you, church, for your prayers for one another. This afternoon I’m inviting you to say a special prayer for Steve Bremner’s sister Christine. A couple of day’s ago she was in a very serious car accident. Here is a message from Steve: “They did a nine and a half hour operation on her, yesterday, and is scheduled for more operations today. She has both legs broken, a broken hip, broken pelvis, four broken ribs, nose broken, in two places, and damage to her spleen. Please, pray for her.”


See you tomorrow morning,


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