Let Us Watch

IMG_1486MESSAGE. Christ’s coming will not be unexpected to those who are watching. To them it will not come as a thief, for those who belong to Christ will not be asleep, but will be sober and watching. To them the Day of His appearing will be no surprise. Christ is calling us to be spiritually awake in contrast to the world which is slumbering in the sleep of sin.

Starting this Sabbath morning and for the next few weeks I invite you to study seven signs of Christ’s soon return.

MINISTRY. Congratulations, Ooltewah Pathfinders, for winning the award of excellence this year with Georgia Cumberland Conference!

Last Sabbath was a day for celebration for our church and for the Bremner family. Steve presented to the congregation and baptized his daughter Kathrine! How exciting! Congratulations, Katie.

Even though OAKS and other schools are on summer break there are still great events planned for the children during the summer months. One of these big events is just a couple of days away: Basketball Camp is opening this Monday, June 26. Please, contact pastor Aubrey for more information. But below is the poster:


Don’t forget to register for the Ooltewah Vacation Bible school. It is starting on July 9th. Our VBS leaders Manny and Sarah Vela are still calling for volunteers.

VBS Outdoor sign 16-9

The “Baby Bottles” campaign is going full speed. Thank you, Carleen, for being the champion of this very much needed fundraizing project. Let us help young women in Romania keep their babies.

PRAYERS. Bill Chilson had to spend a couple of days at the hospital for additional testing. He is back home, but both him and Sondra need our prayers.

Howard Kennedy appreciates your prayerful support. He is still feeling week and dizzy.

A former OAKS student, Matthew Weron, got killed in a bad car accident earlier this week. Matthew was only nineteen. The Weron family is devastated. I am soliciting your prayers for this family. The Memorial service will take place at our church on July 2nd at 2 pm.

RESOURCES. Church website address is http://www.ooltewahchurch.org

An online tithe and offerings option is available on the church website.

Here is a link to the weekly bulletin: church bulletin

My last week’s email message was sent to you last Friday afternoon, but for whatever reason it was delivered only on Monday afternoon. Sorry 🙂 Technology is not perfect.

See you tomorrow,


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