Groaning Nature


MESSAGE. This world needs hope. Struggles and pain point to Jesus as the ultimate answer to the problem of suffering. The nature that surrounds us is part of this big picture. God created nature and the animal world as a perfect testimony to His eternal gifts of life and joy. What we see today is in direct contrast to God’s loving intention. “The creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God”, Romans 8:21.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, deforestation and droughts paint a grim picture of the inevitable collapse. Even the animal world groans from the pain of sin. The Book of Revelation brings us hope. The Mighty Lord is coming to create everything new. He is bringing an end to the sufferings and groans of every living being. This is a powerful message of hope that this world needs to hear. I invite you to join me this Sabbath morning for a study of the sixth sign of Christ’s soon return.

MINISTRY. Tonight, August 8, at 7 pm everyone is invited to celebrate the Agape Feast. We will have food, we will sing hymns, read God’s Word, and follow the example of Jesus by washing one another’s feet. Don’t miss this blessing.


Last Sunday afternoon our church family came together to say good-bye to pastor Aubrey. Thank you, Avril and your team for making it a perfect event. There was lots of great food and a great cake! We all had mixed emotions. It is sad to see Aubrey move, but we’re grateful to God for the wonderful two years of Aubrey’s ministry in our church.


This past week I attended the Summer Pastor’s Meetings in Cohutta Springs. As always, I felt extremely blessed with the great quality of resources offered by our Conference leadership. The Conference Center itself is the best resort ever. I love walking there and taking pictures.


OAKS. Yesterday was Registration Day at OAKS. 126 students registered for the new school year. What a blessing. Thank you OAKS staff and teachers for your great work and  Christ-like spirit.

PRAYERS. Our dear Nancy Smiley fell at a service station where she tripped
falling and breaking two ribs, hitting her face  and putting a cut
under her eye. Also bruised on left wrist, hand, and arm. Her daughter
Debbie is with her and she prefers no visits for a few days. We are
praying for you Nancy. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Robert, TY, and Zoe need lots of prayers as they are dealing with a tough housing situation.

Betty Chastain is grateful for the prayers for her family.

RESOURCES. The church website has e-versions of the church newsletter and weekly church bulletin. Here is a link to the site:

See you tonight,


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