Our Spiritual Diet


MESSAGE. The world’s spiritual junk food gradually became the source of our spiritual nourishment. It invaded our attitudes and behaviors, systematically weakening us as it produced the spiritual disease. A major problem is that human nature compels us to focus almost totally upon the physical. God provides us with “wilderness experiences” to let us know that there is a spiritual aspect to life that requires feeding and maintenance just as surely as the physical.  If we have the right source, the nourishment will be good. Otherwise, the situation is hopeless. Our source of nourishment must, of course, be God.

I encourage you to to make a New Year’s resolution to change your spiritual diet and to eat the healthy manna coming from heaven, from Jesus Himself.

MINISTRY. The Week of Prayer meetings are coming to an end this Sabbath night at 6 pm. Those who found time to attend either morning or evening sessions have been blessed with the message of Jesus serving as our High Priest. He is interceding on our behalf daily before the throne of God. Prayer and study were the main elements of the meetings, however it was also fun to find hot herbal teas and muffins and to fellowship with one another while it was freezing cold outside.

OAKS had a good start after Christmas break. Our church and school campus came alive with lots of kids bravely running around in the arctic cold weather. The school board met last night and voted on three important action plans. The first action plan will help us outline the vision for OAKS for the next five years. The school board will keep us posted on the progress of the action plan and more details will be shared at the church business meeting on January 27.

The new issue of the church newsletter is available in digital format on our church website. Click here if you want to read it online . The printed version of the newsletter will also be available at church tomorrow morning.

Don’t forget about Singspiration tomorrow at 5 pm. and of course the Agape Feast tonight at 7 pm.


PRAYERS. Elaine (Dorothy) Stevens has been transferred to Hospice of Chattanooga. She feels better after an unfortunate health related episode on New Year’s Day. Elaine is very appreciative of your prayers.

Sondra Chilson’s graddaughter Heather needs lots of prayers as she’s battling a very aggressive type of cancer.

David Bissell’s surgery went well. He is still in the hospital. Future treatment options will be considered in the next few days based on the biopsy results. Praying for you, David, day and night.

I’d  like to express our sincere condolences to Tim Mountcastle whose nephew Allen passed last Friday. You and your family are in our prayers, Tim.


Happy Sabbath!



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