Spiritual Fitness

Screen-Shot-2012-05-28-at-11.26.48MESSAGE. 1 Timothy 4:8 “For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.”

We certainly live in a health-conscious world. Everywhere we turn we see advertisements for fitness equipment, nutritional supplements, health food, gym memberships, and more. Many people are obsessed with taking care of their bodies—and it’s for a good reason, because our lives depend on it!

But even though our physical health is important, Paul reminds us in the above passage that our spiritual fitness is even more important than our physical fitness. We do not want to neglect our bodies. But even more so, we must not neglect our spirits.

MINISTRY.  The SEASON OF CHANGE meeting this Thursday looked like it was everybody’s birthday! There were 57 widows plus 9 helpers. Informational speaker, Lori Oliver, helped the ladies learn more about Essential Oils. A huge Thank You to Sarah and Emma who played for us during lunch. Donations reached $246, which means two new sewing machines for widows in India. What a blessing it was! Thank you, Lupina and your awesome team for leading out in this important ministry.

PATHFINDERS. January has been a busy month for Pathfinders.  Here is an update from Cory: “We began with an overnight lockin at the church.  The club went to the Southern pool and practiced swimming skills and then prepared their rockets for a cold Sunday morning launch.

The cold didn’t stop our most extreme backpackers from enjoying the outdoors. One week later we went with a group of 12 to Prentice Cooper State Park and had a wonderful time in the beautiful Hemlock Branch site.  The views from Snoopers Point were breath taking.

Our meetings have included some really interesting activities such as Black Smithing, Cooking and Rocket building.  This week we begin preparations for our Pathfinder Sabbath on February 10.  We hope that everyone will plan to come support our kids and see their talents showcased.  A large thank you to everyone who has purchased fruit from the club this year and a thankyou to God who has blessed us with such amazing kids.”

CEREAL BARREL. You can see the bottom of the Cereal Barrel in our church lobby. Not a good sign 😦 We need your help especially during the cold season. All cereal donations are being distributed among the needy families via the Samaritan Center. Your help is needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you, Julia Easter, for keeping this project running.

PRAYERS. Here is the latest update from pastor David Bissell: “At Houston now, preparing for Proton or radiation therapy.  Will be home Friday and probably begin 6 weeks of treatment on Feb 5.  Still some difficulties eating.  Takes 30 minutes to an hour.  I must eat to keep nutrition coming in and maintain weight.  Pain is temporarily reduced for now 🙂  Praise the Lord.” Your church is praying for you, David!

Roger Wolf is scheduled for a biopsy this afternoon. Prayers, please. Let the Lord give courage and peace to our dear Roger.

Giving. January sets our spiritual pace for the rest of the year. I’m praying that we show faith in our tithe and offerings on this last Sabbath of January. Let us come prepared to give our best to the Lord tomorrow morning. If you prefer to use the online option you will find a link to AdventGiving on our church website www.ooltewahchurch.org

Business meeting. I hope you remember about the annual church business meeting. Many of our department leaders prepared reports which will help you learn more about different ministries. The meeting starts at 6 pm. We will try to finish by 7 pm.

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