Victory by the Blood of the Lamb


MESSAGE. Jesus said, “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” (Luke 9:23) This is not morbid theology, this is a gospel of liberty (Galatians 5:1)! Self is the root of all misery, and the cross is the source of victory over sin and self. We do not need to wait until we die to experience this victory, for we have it now through the blood of Christ Jesus (Hebrews 9:12 – 14). Oh blessed be His Name (Psalm 72:19)!

MINISTRY. Last week was packed with ministry related activities and programs. The Emmanuel quartet performed on Friday night, we had two services on Sabbath morning, and an elders’ meeting on Sabbath night followed by the OAKS Variety Show. Here is a brief report from Shelly Turkenkopf:  “What a high weekend for OAKS with our annual Variety Show and Music and Marinara Band Concert. The students were in high form performing skits, lip syncing, playing duets, and even two instruments at the same time. Turn-out was very high for both events and the home and school and band students raised good funding for future travel and school events. Thank you so much for all those who volunteered to help run both events. Our parents and volunteers are the legs we stand on. Praise the Lord for students with so many talents who are willing to share them with our community. We can’t wait until next year.”

The Men’s Ministry group met on Sunday morning to eat, to pray, and to laugh together! I was personally greatly energized by their awesome spirit. There was time to dive into the study of God’s Word and time to plan their next love in action project. One of our church family members is in need of assistance with several projects around their home, that is where we come in. All the men agreed that “its time for love to act”!

Below are a few photos taken by Edymar:

The Church Board had a busy meeting last Monday night. There were great reports shared by the Women’s Ministry and the Sabbath school department. Carlene asked everyone to pray about the challenges presented by the growth of the lower divisions.

A considerable amount of time was dedicated to the discussion of the Fellowship Hall renovation. The Fellowship Hall is being used for various church and school programs. The building committee presented a proposal to extend the platform to meet the needs of the choir and band performance, and to move the sound room to the upper space above the doors of the Fellowship hall. After thorough discussion the Board voted to approve these renovations. The board also reviewed the proposal to replace the existing Fellowship Hall chairs with folding chairs. The Board agreed to acquire a few sample options before a final decision is made.

The Board also approved the initiative to explore the option of a church Day Care Center. Shelly Turkenkopf, Becky Denton, pastor Matthew and pastor Peter were asked to serve on the research committee.

Money.jpgWith the expansion and growth of our church ministries I’m asking you to consider your personal participation in the financial support of the local church budget. If we all contribute at least $15 a week we will all be meeting our local church budget goal. We will be able to fund our school needs, Pathfinders and Adventurers, Evangelism and Sabbath school department. I pray we will see a considerable increase in local giving this Sabbath and every Sabbath in March.

PRAYERS. Over last weekend Carole Darmody and Jerry Lastine were taken to ERs with serious health concerns. After a couple days of observation both Carole and Jerry were allowed to return home. Thank you for your prayers, church! Jerry Lastine is now at the Bridge Assistance Living center in Ooltewah.


Leland Zollinger was moved to Syskin Rehab center, next to Erlnager hospital. He may stay there for the next week or so. Leland celebrated his 89th birthday last Monday 🙂


Renee Recchia’s surgery was successful. A big thank you from Dan and Renee for your thoughts and prayers.

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