The Power of Resurrection


MESSAGE. The resurrection is more than just an event that happened once in history. It’s the source of the power we can experience in our own life, every day. The same power of resurrection that brought Jesus from death to life is available to us, and if we tap into it, we will see an amazing transformation in our own life, too.

MINISTRYYard Sale/Fundraiser mobilized our church family in the noble effort of helping the OAKS handbell choir raise money needed for their own bells. Thank you, Jaunita and Jackie for planning and organizing this event. We all know that you have been working for weeks in order to make this yard sale a success. Thank you, everyone, who donated items for this fundraiser. Thank you, everyone who came last Sabbath night to set up the Fellowship hall and worked till midnight. Your efforts were nicely rewarded with over $3,000 raised for the new bells. How exciting to be a part of this church! (And yes, Connie Reynold’s photo is here because all haircut proceeds were donated to the Handbell choir! 🙂 )


Our March Season of Change luncheon had 50 ladies and helpers attending and enjoying our theme a “Mad Hatter Tea Party”. Like “Alice in Wonderland” widows find themselves falling down a rabbit hole and landing in a strange new world. We look for joy and fun in the loss and difficult transition by sharing, laughing and praying for one another.
In the photos below you’ll find Paula Wolfe and Lupina Haney, Nancy McCoy, Paula Wolfe and Barbara. The tables had teapots or clocks, flowers and Alice in Wonderland quotes, the White Rabbit and Alice of course! Heartfelt THANK YOU to Lupina and her awesome crew!


OUR BEST TO GOD. Church family, aren’t we grateful to God for all the wonderful ministries that we have at our church? Without your support of the local church budget we would’t been able to do all these wonderful things. Here is where I need to speak to you from my heart. March has been the third month in a row where we have not reached our monthly local church budget goal. As a result of this shortage we were not able to support our Pathfinders and Adventurers, our Widows and our Evangelism. These are just a few of the ministries which have not been receiving their monthly allocations. I know that by God’s grace we can change this situation. Galena and I are praying about increasing our local church giving by 50%. Can you pray about increasing your local church budget giving by 5%, 10%, or whatever amount you can afford. Tomorrow is the last Sabbath of March. Please, join me in prayers for a miracle.

PRAYERS. From Margo: “Dear Church and school family. I am on the mends. I’m having much less pain and daily increases in mobility. I am overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of love and caring. I feel undeserving of so much help, prayers, cards, food and more. Thank you for being the fingers and feet of a very loving God.”

Please, continue your daily prayers for Howard Kennedy, Jerry Lastine, Eileen Lezeau  and David Bissell.

Here is a Facebook update from David: “AMAZING: Only 1 more proton therapy treatment. God has been with me. I am doing well. I am joyful! Leaving for home tomorrow after treatment in the morning. I just feel so thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this song. Listened to it on the way back to the hotel. Expresses my heartfelt emotions! Need encouragement? LISTEN. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS.”

RESOURCES. Online tithe and offering giving:

Weekly church bulletin:

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