The Bread of Life

MESSAGE. This Sabbath our church will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper. The Lord’s miraculous provision for people’s physical needs pointed to the greater truth — that He was the Bread of Life and that His body would be “broken” for them and for us. Every time we eat the bread and drink the cup during the Lord’s Supper, we are reminded of our Lord’s great love and provision for us.

MINISTRY. Last Friday night was the Pathfinder Club investiture program. I was not able to attend the event, but I enjoyed their Facebook pictures. That night Amy and Cory Goss announced their transition from Ooltewah Club leadership to the Conference wide Pathfinder Club committee. Three years of Cory and Amy’s leadership has been a huge blessing to our youth. They truly have a heart for young people. A heartfelt THANK YOU to the Goss team for their excellent ministry! Aaron Brewer is now the new club director. I invite you to pray for Aaron as he will be providing guidance and training to the Pathfinders.

Sabbath baptisms. Last Sabbath pastor Matthew officiated baptisms for three young men: Scott Strydom, Will Bell, and Donovan Quiros-Crider. There was great great celebration in heaven on that day and definitey at our own church! Praise God for their decisions. (waiting for the photos of the baptisms. If I get them later tonight I’ll add them to the blog.)

The Bridge at Ooltewah Ministry. “The Bridge at Ooltewah is an Assisted Living center for seniors. Every Sabbath afternoon, it is our privilege to share the gospel through music, prayer, Bible studies, and fellowship with the residents. They are encouraged when we spend time with them and share the love of Jesus.

At the front desk, a resident asked Marichu McCutcheon if she could take him to the bank. The receptionist reminded him that someone from The Bridge could take him. No, he insisted, he wanted Marichu. Why? Because she is like family to him.

Heidi Pino enjoys going to The Bridge because the residents are like grandparents to her. She was also elated when she was reunited with her third grade teacher, who is a resident there.

Our volunteers receive such a blessing from ministering to the people at The Bridge. And you have the opportunity to join in this blessing. We need more volunteers to help. Prayerfully consider giving one hour a month—just 12 hours a year—to this ministry. If the Lord is impressing you to serve, call the church office at (423) 238-4619.

I would like to personally thank Sharon, Sarah, and Katherine Bremner; Ed and Heidi Pino; and Brent, Marichu, and Ethan McCutcheon for your service and support. God bless you!” ~Steve Bremner

I need to add a sincere THANK YOU to Steve Bremner for his commitment to this ministry. Some weeks when there is not enough help Steve may get frustrated, but he never gives up! God bless you, Steve. It was really nice of you to take your team out to eat. They all look happy in the photo below.


Blessing cards. The Ooltewah church joined hands with a number of other churches in Hamilton county to express appreciation to the teachers and staff of public schools. Our church along with the Samaritan Center prepared over a hundred goodie bags with a prayer of blessing card in each bag. I should say that this was an overwhelming project for just two precious ladies of our church, Lupina Haney and Barbara Smith. They had to show great creativity being limited in the available financial resources. Hours and hours of shopping and half a day of sorting and stuffing on Sunday. On Tuesday, Carleen Zalabak (after a night shift at work), Barbara Smith, and pastor Matthew joined me in delivering the bags to Harrison Elementary and Hunter Middle schools.


Pete Rogers is recovering after open heart surgery on Wednesday. Prayers are appreciated.

Cathy Sabo is feeling much better after her back surgery. We hope to see her back at church soon. Please, pray for her full recovery.

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