The Discipline of Stewardship

9b2500aafa4e285f1243433b190a0cb3--church-fundraisers-campaign-ideasMESSAGE. Christians are joined to their fellow believers in the bonds of Christ and ‘the bundle of life’. The church is a living organism rather than an organisation, but no organism can exist without structure. The Scripture calls us to assume “communal” responsibility for the body of Christ even within the smallest local church. This is not a burden to escape, but a privilege to enjoy.

This Sabbath morning we will study what this togetherness in stewardship is all about.

MINISTRY. Season of Change met Thursday for lunch for a Tropical Celebration. Lupina and her team served over 50 widows with the help of our Kitchen and Table Decorating Angels.




The Men’s Ministry team is actively serving on several fronts. This morning I received the following message and photo from Paula Wolfe:

“”The Caregiver goes first” but, praise the Lord, my faithful friends rescued me, and helped me to get stabilized after Roger’s passing. Please pass along a humble and heartfelt THANK YOU to all who energetically pitched in here to help me with moving, sorting, cleaning, selling, etc. Today was a big day with my yard sale. Roger had many interests and stuff to support those interests. I desperately needed help and many of my friends came to help. I still try to cope with the loss and with the frailty from nursing Roger, but my church family is always here to help.”

Congratulations to Kayley Hicks who was baptized by elder Manny Vela at Cohutta Springs on July 14. We will welcome Keyley into the Fellowship of the Ooltewah church on August 4.



IMG_2457This week our church family lost Delbert who was almost a hundred years young! Here is a life sketch shared with me by his family:

 “Delbert DeLos Fisher came into the world on January 8, 1919 in DeKalb county Indiana being the oldest of five. They moved shortly after that to Amboy Indiana where the family grew with the addition of Christiana, Lawrence, Bobby D and Rosalyn he was the lone survivor.  He graduated from high school at the age of seventeen and worked various jobs like riding the carriage and turning the logs at large blade saw mill. Before joining his father on the Pennsylvania Railroad as a trackman in a section gang maintaining a six mile section of track by hand replacing Ties and rail as needed. Not having much seniority he got laid off and was conscripted into the Army in 1941 before WWII after Pearl Harbor he remained in the Army for the duration. While he was in Texas his 16 year old love, Betty Grover hitch hiked with her sister they married soon after and remained so for 65 years.  After Dad shipped off to India spending 30 days on a troop ship where he volunteered for KP duty so he could be closer to the food. And Betty returned to Amboy Indiana to live where Dad returned to family and work on the railroad, and was the proud father of William Delbert, Rodney Lee, Candice Ann, and Catherine Sue. Dad became a Division Equipment and Material Engineer in Fort Wayne Indiana. Promoted to varices positions in Harrisburg Pa. and Canton Ohio making life long friends the way. Many of which he spent him with in Avon Park Florida after retirement at the age of 60. With failing help of Betty with Parkinson disease the family made a car-a-van trip from Florida to Collegedale Tennessee to be near family for care and support. Where they did well for acouple of years. Mom lost her battle with Parkinson after being bedfast for 4-1/2 years cared for by Delbert and Cathi. Dad continue to live independently until he was 93 years old with age taking its toll he moved into his apartment in the home of Cathi and Ed. Where he remained until his death on July 25, 2018 when his once strong body gave way to time. He is survived by all his children, many grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.”

Per Delbert’s request there will be no memorial service. In a few weeks the family will gather in Indiana for a private graveside service.

Please pray for Cathy and Ed Demaree and their big family.

Larry Otto had a heart attack last Sabbath after church. He was taken by an ambulance to Memorial hospital. After several tests doctors realized that one of his old stents (17 years old) had filled with too much tissue and was 90% blocked. They cleaned it out and placed a stent inside the old one. Larry is now back home recovering after a very stressful week. You are in our prayers, Larry. Don’t scare us again like this.

My Mom turned 85 this week. She is not as energetic as she used to be, but we are grateful to God that she is alive. She is living with us and I’m absolutely amazed by Galena’s loving care for our Mom. The party turned out to be a total blast with lots of Russian food and delicious pastries. 🙂




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