Jesus, the High Priest


MESSAGE. “He [Jesus] entered the Most Holy Place once for all by his own blood, thus obtaining eternal redemption” (Hebrews 9:12). Our redemption is secured by the blood of Jesus Himself. I need Jesus as the Bread of Life for my daily spiritual growth. I need Jesus as my Good Shepherd who is able to protect me from the “wolves” of this world. I need Jesus as my High Priest to have assurance of my salvation. He knows my struggles; He knows my weaknesses, and as a gracious and understanding Priest He is interceding on my behalf.

This Sabbath morning we will learn more about Jesus, Our High Priest.


Community Services.

1. The Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church plans to participate in Chattanooga’s “Out of the Darkness” suicide prevention and awareness walk on Sunday, October 7. Details forthcoming in our church bulletin and via announcements from the pulpit. Answering these three anonymous yes/no survey questions is a 100% private way in which you can help our church gauge the scope of this issue even within our own congregation. Thank you for your help! Lucas Patterson is coordinating our church’s participation in this event. Please, contact Lucas directly if you need more information on this initiative.

2. Melita Palmer sent me the following report and a few photos: “Several church members showed up to help at the Samaritian Center last Saturday night. My kids heard the announcement in church two weeks ago and last week and kept saying, “can we go.” They had a blast last time. I brought ice cream sandwiches for all this time. When we showed up at 8:30pm, there were so many items for our group alone but as time passed more volunteers showed up from other churches and we all had fun working with others we didn’t know. Even Tony the manager showed up.  Job was completed in 1.5 hours. We all had a good time and  entertained those around us with items we would find!”

New Sabbath School Class. The Discipleship Class. On Sabbath, September 1, eleven participants met for a small group discussion held in the seventh grade classroom forming the new Discipleship Class. The purpose of the Discipleship Class is to create a
small group Bible study environment in which individuals will grow each Sabbath to become more like Christ. “On the first Sabbath of our class it was clear that everyone attending had studied the Sabbath School Quarterly, “said Mike Harrell, “and as a result everyone had something significant to contribute.” Our prayerful hope is that this will result in each individual in the group continually growing more committed to become an increasingly effective disciple of Jesus Christ. Mike and Sharon Harrell and Neal and Nancy Wearner are the class facilitators. This new Sabbath School class is just getting started, and you are welcome to join.

Discipleship Sabbath School Class


A thought shared by the Stewardship Director: “The use of wealth is the major topic of Luke 16. Wealth can be a blessing or a curse, depending on whether it is used as a means to exercise power, a tool of self-indulgence or a resource to serve others. Wealth’s danger is that it can turn our focus toward our own enjoyment, as the rich fool showed in 12:13-21 and as the rich man of 16:19-31 will show. Money is a tool. It is an excellent resource when put to the right use. It can help to build many things of use to others. But to possess money is also to hold a sacred stewardship. Our resources are not to be privately held and consumed but are to be used as a means of generosity, as a way of showing care for our neighbor, as the good Samaritan showed in 10:25-37 and as a restored Zacchaeus will show in 19:1-10.”  (Resource:


Pastor Matthew is inviting the youth of our church to attend the Vespers program tonight, September 7: “Tonight the youth will be gathering for Vespers at 7:00 p.m. in the youth room. All high school age teens are invited to come for a time of worship, singing, testimonies, and studying God’s Word. Please pray for our teens, their families, and our youth leaders! Our youth program is an important part of our church’s ministries, and we need your prayers as we lead our teens to be committed disciples of Jesus.”


This Saturday night there will be two excellent Vespers programs presented at our church. The first one will go from 5 to 7 in the Sanctuary of the church and the second one from 7:30 to 8:30 in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited. Watch for more information in the church bulletin. Do you know that you can access the church bulletin online at our church website? Here is the site address

PRAYERS. Jackie Cantrell had a cardiac event last Saturday. She spent a few days at Erlanger East. Presently she is at LifeCare Center of Ooltewah. Please, keep Jackie in your prayers.

PRAISE. I praise God for the His wonderful creation. This morning’s sun rays shining through the clouds behind our house brought to my mind the words of the Psalmist: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1

Here is the photo I took on my phone:


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