Miraculous Provision


MESSAGE. Jesus cares about our daily needs. Everything we have comes from His loving hands. After a long day of teaching a crowd of 5,000 people He did not want them to remain hungry. He performed a miracle of provision! From His loving hands food flowed to every soul, young and old, male and female, criminals and saints. His grace is the same today. Let us learn how to be Thankful for His daily miracles or provisions.

Happy Thanksgiving to ya’ll!


Steve Bremner shared with me a short note with some interesting facts after the Midterm elections last week: ” We had 1243 residents who voted at our church yesterday. That is more people than the last 3 mid-term elections put together. Nancy Smiley has a knack for handing out snacks. Seventeen cases of water and Little Debbies were handed out to the community, and they were very appreciative.  Nancy stayed all day greeting. One voter who is a retired Unitarian Minister and just moved to the area. Nancy will be picking her up and bring her to the Season of Change luncheon Thursday.  Another voter is an Adventist who just moved to the area and had no idea our church existed. She will be here this Sabbath.  Nancy also talked with one of the election commission workers. She told Nancy she was the second person to be baptized here at our church.    Here is a note from the election commission workers. “to members of the Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church: As always your support of the election has been outstanding. We appreciate all you did to make election day so special. The food was wonderful and the facility was great. Thanks so much for everything.”


Ooltewah church shows great concern for the needs of the widows. Here is the latest report from Lupina Haney: “A Season of Change had 56 ladies for our Thanksgiving Luncheon on Thursday, November 8. We enjoyed Dinner Roast, Harvest Nut Stuffing, Gravy, Baked Sweet Potatoes and a very yummy Cranberry Salad made by Barbara Smith and of course dessert. Our Kitchen Angels were praying for a miracle to get all the food baked with one of the stoves our of commission. Prayers were answered but we desperately need another stove. Margo Haughee brought three very talented young ladies from OAKS to play. Thank you Linnea Bissell- violin, Julianne Palmer – piano and Katie Bremner – violin and flute. A very special thank you to the Pathfinders who set up our tables and chairs in our new arrangement.”


Last Tuesday the Ooltewah church choir performed for the East Hamilton Ministerial Association Thanksgiving program. What an honor! How wonderful it is that our choir, under the leadership of Larry Otto, is ministering not only to our congregation, but to the whole community. Thank you, choir members, for your excellent music and your joyful spirit.


Talking about choir and music I’d like to share some wonderful news with you. The new fellowship organ has been paid in full thanks to a loving gift from a church family. Praise God for giving us this blessing!

Many of our church members are trying to help SAU students. Here is a request from Lucas Patterson: “Church member Lucas Patterson is helping a Southern Adventist University student find a room to rent for the semester, beginning in January. Her budget is $250/month. She’s a senior art therapy major and Southern Scholar who is very comfortable with animals, but doesn’t have any of her own. If you’re interested in sharing your space, or know of another good lead, please contact Lucas: 423-582-1678.”

Here are a few bulletin announcements I’d like to highlight in my blog:

FULL CHURCH POTLUCK – Join us for the Full Church “Thanksgiving” Potluck after the second service this Sabbath. Please bring plenty of food for your family and to share with guests. Enjoy the food and fellowship with your church family.

CHURCH AND SCHOOL – The parking lot will be closed tomorrow, November 18, to finish painting.

ASSISTANCE – If you need assistance or special seating during the second service, please ask one of the deacons for assistance.

 STEWARDSHIP  When we surrender every area of our lives- including our finances- to God, then we are free to trust Him to meet our needs. But if we would rather hold on tightly to those things that we possess, then we find ourselves in bondage to those very things ~ Larry Burkett.

DOCU SHRED – If you need any documents to be shredded, the church is providing a free shredding event December 3 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. They will be shredding the documents on site in the church parking lot.


Julie Easter’s son David. More details are here from Sondra’s text message: “David, Julia’s son wound up with an 8 hour surgery. Dr. ‘ nicked his ureter and had to call in an urologist to repair it. The Dr feels he was able to remove the cancer. But won’t know for sure until the biopsy comes back. Our prayers go out to this young man and family.”

Fred Cornell who lost his wife Janice.  Our sincere condolences go to Fred and the whole family.

Bobby Boles, who is undergoing some serious tests at Memorial hospital.

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