Jesus Christ: A Sure Foundation


MESSAGE. Any building project requires a wide spectrum of building materials. Building a spiritual life is no exception. There are many sources offering us their spiritual “building supplies.” How can we be sure that our spiritual building will not fail? The Scripture offers us a sure guide to the whole process. Apostle Paul is pointing to Jesus as the starting point, the  only true foundation. “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.” (1 Cor. 3:11)

This week I’m starting a new sermon series entitled: Building Blocks for Spiritual Growth. 


Both worship services last week were beautified with music presented by the Hyde family. I was deeply impressed with the quality and the sweet spirit of their performance. Thank you, Silvia and Hyde, for inviting your family. It was truly inspiring.


The first part of this week Matthew and I spent at Cohutta Springs attending the winter pastors’ meetings. It didn’t feel like winter 🙂 but it certainly does now with temperatures dropping to 25F. The pastors’ meetings always help me to appreciate our Georgia Cumberland Conference. The Lord blessed us with great leaders who care about pastors and their advancement in ministry.

This coming Sabbath evening our church elders are inviting all new members who joined our church in 2018 to attend a special dinner. The dinner will be prepared and served by the elders and their families. The number of those who joined our church in the last twelve months is about fifty. That’s right, 50 not 15! Praise God for our new brothers and sisters. If you are one of the new members and have not received an invitation that means that we do not have your current contact information. Please know that you are cordially invited and we are waiting for you to attend this Sabbath @ 6pm in the Fellowship hall.

Light of Hope Ministry. I’d like to express a heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been supporting the Light of Hope Ministry in 2018. Our international outreach is a continues and vivid reminder of the Great Commission. In preparation for the spring evangelism in Eastern Ukraine and Western Russia the Light of Hope Ministry is actively involved in humanitarian work in those regions. Last week we helped an orphanage in Severodonetsk with a new washing machine, several space heaters, diapers, food and clothing. See a few photos below. Thank you, church, for your caring spirit and your loving support.


Mike Haughee – cancer treatment.

Ed Pino – degenerative disc treatment.

Richard Gerbert – recovery after surgery.

Sondra Chilson – upcoming heart procedure.

Mario Cruz – knee surgery

Stay warm. See you tomorrow.


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