Pray without ceasing…


MESSAGE. Everyday we hear about innocent people dying. We wake up to the news of massacres, school shootings, and unnecessary pain. What can we do to help? Is there anything in our power to help? My resources may be limited. My influence may be totally insignificant. However, I can pray. I can pray for comfort for those who are hurting. I may pray for the Lord to come soon. I may pray for the words of the blessed hope to be heard by those who live in darkness and despair. “Pray without ceasing …” God Almighty is still in control.

MINISTRY. My life is gradually getting back to normal after a two week mission trip to Ukraine and Russia. Last Sabbath I was happy to share with the church a brief overview of the mission, but that was just a fraction of all the stories, pictures, and emotions that overwhelm my heart. Below is a 90 second video of the photos I shared during the sermon last week. More will come in the form of a Newsletter by the end of this month. Please, continue to pray for all those dear people who continue to attend the meetings and are studying with local pastors.



Last Sabbath we celebrated the beautiful baptism of Angeline Zhang. Elder Ron Malloch studied with Angeline for several months, preparing her for this wonderful decision.



Building Hope Logo SmallThe OAKS renovation is just a few weeks away. Here is an update from Shelly Turkenkopf: “Our fundraising for our new roof is still in full swing and the students are gearing up for one more fundraising push before the school year ends. The final costs may be higher than first expected, but once the work is done OAKS will be in a strong position to provide a safe and comfortable facility for many years to come. There have been a few new small leaks that new patches have quickly fixed. Overall the building feels dry and secure from imminent disaster. I am weekly amazed by the generosity and support of our church and community. The students see it too in the endless hours of volunteers we have in our building. Thank you to each and every person who is giving systematically to our Building Hope fund. We are still anticipating a summer roof replacement if that is the Lord’s timeline. Please continue to be prayer for the students and staff at OAKS as we wrap up the school year.”

You Give Them Food. Last Sabbath while many of us were still in bed over a dozen volunteers from our church were downtown Chattanooga fixing breakfast for the homeless. What great ministry this is! Thank you to all who were there, showing the love of God in action.



Love In Action. Read below Edymar’s report about February Men’s Ministry breakfast and activities:

“We set February’s breakfast aside to share. We went around the table and welcomed others into our lives with praise and pray requests. Amongst the praise, it became evident that many of us struggling. But we should not fear! God is with us and He ready to turn our pain into praise. One of my new favorite verses is Psalms 94:19: When anxiety was great with me, your consolation brought me joy. I will be praying for you all.
Love in Action:
Our beloved Ms. Bird needed some last minute help moving from one unit to the other at her assisted living apartment. Thank you David Denton for connecting us to Ms. Bird and thank you Kevin Hicks for your help. Attached a photo of Ms. Bird riding on the luggage rack, keep in mind she is 94 years young!”


STEWARDSHIP – “Giving to God, being financially faithful is not just a spiritual commitment or a philosophical choice. It is by far the most significant financial factor for life management. We acknowledge that God created everything and therefore He owns everything, This is a foundational principle for Biblical money management.” ~ Stewardship & Everything by Mitch Hazekamp

PS. Our pastor Mitch Hazekamp passed away this Wednesday night. Please, remember his family in prayers.

Religious Liberty Emphasis Sabbath.

This Sabbath our guest-speaker for both services is Ms. Amireh Al-Haddad, Religious Liberty Department Director for Southern Union Conference. You can read more about the speaker here: 

Fellowship Meal. Please join us this Sabbath for our church Fellowship Lunch following the second service. Please bring enough food for your family and guests.

PRAYERS. On Wednesday Mike Haughee completed his cancer treatment. Praise keep him in prayers daily. He’s feeling weak, but his faith is strong!

Richard Dahlberg is now on a hospice care in his home. Prayers, please for Adele and Richard.

Looking Forward:


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