Proclaim His Name

Group of Diverse Flag Painted Hands Raised

MESSAGE. “To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with Him.” -William Carey.  The Psalmist is challenging us in Psalm 105:1 “Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.”  This world is God’s world. Every tribe and every nation belong to Him. (Ps. 89:11). The only way to be successful in the Gospel Proclamation is in embracing those who we want to lead to Jesus. Their culture may be different, their clothes may not be from Walmart or Macy’s, they may love eating durian fruit or caviar. Christ is sending us not to convert them into our culture, but to share with them “what He has done” for us and for them. Embracing them is learning from them, appreciating their peculiarity, and loving them with the love of Christ.



Last Sabbath we witnessed a beautiful baptism where pastor David Bissell baptized his grandson Isaiah.

Last week I shared with you only one photo from the Youth Vespers. Here are three more taken by pastor Matthew. I hope next time even more of our youth will join the Vespers.

Here is a great report from Noah Banks. (the unedited and the uncensored version 🙂 ) “On March 30th a group of over 30 young people gathered at the Cantrell’s house for a wonderful fellowship meal where good food was eaten, games played, and friendships begun. The collegiate/Young Adult class has decided to host a potluck every month to open our church to Southern University. Our class is all about bringing in new people and teaching them how to lead in their local church. We, as a class, want to close the gap between the older and younger generations. We want to foster a friendship that will make them feel welcomed instead of persecuted. At every meal and activity our class hosts we invite in new people so that they know they have a family here in the Ooltewah SDA church while they are far from home. So, I ask our church to please pray for further guidance in our class and that God may bring those looking for a church to us so that we may welcome them into our family.”

Beautiful photos, great ministry! Thank you, Noah.

This week I had my last mentoring session with the SAU theology department students. our church has been blessed by the ministry of Jaude and Jaime Barbosa, Julie MacLaferty, Mark Philips and Michael Luchak. Julie and Mark are graduating this May. Congratulations!


After sharing a devotional with the Collegedale Academy staff and teachers this early morning I headed to our church where OAKS had their weekly chapel. The program was presented by the 8th graders. We are blessed to have young people like these in our church and school. My special Thank You to Aaron Hall, their teacher!


This week our church property was neatly mowed by Jim Easter. Thank you, Jim! Looks great.


PRAYERS. This has been a tough week in our church family; Christine Bee lost both of her parents in a matter of 48 hours. Our church member, Herb Weise, who has been struggling with bone cancer for the last couple of years, is at his last breath. Both families need our support and attention. Pastor Matthew has been helping the Bee family with their travel arrangements to California. It was not an easy task on top of all the other responsibilities that he had this week. Thank you, Matthew! Please, pray for both families.

A few days ago our dear Mike Haughee shared the following encouraging post on his Facebook: “Today is April 1st. Since January 2 I have had a roller coaster of a year. But through all of it my family, friends, people I don’t know and especially God have brought me through it. Today is three weeks since I stopped chemo and two weeks since radiation was done. Appetite is coming back and a little energy. Having trouble sleeping but spoke with a nurse today and I think I have something to take to help with that. It has been a cough that when I lay flat comes on and unless I get in an upright position it continues. This is causing a back pain. I am taking care of that with my chiropractor this afternoon. Been walking and lifting some hand weights to get my energy level up. I am drinking plenty of water and eating is getting there as well.

The neatest thing happen yesterday. A bunch of guys from our church came over and are finishing a shed and my privacy fence. They were awesome. Got the hard part done so now it’s to make the panels and we will be done. God has sent so many awesome people in my life. I am glad you are one of them. Thank you again for your support and prayers and may God bless you and yours!”


Network 7 Media Center Media Missionary Weekend is this weekend at Ooltewah! We are hosting the Mission SONlight producers and special guests, Dr. Rodrigo Silva (Brasilian archeologist), Magnify and Pastor Christopher Beason (Mission SONlight host). Programs begin tonight, Friday at 7pm, then both services tomorrow morning. There will be a special joint Sabbath School time with Dr. Silva and Dr. Gary Wagner (Operation Time Box) presenting a panel discussion on Bible History. Dr. Silva will also present a Biblical Archeology seminar in the afternoon at 2pm, following a potluck planned especially for those attending the seminar. If you are interested in a private donor dinner with Dr. Silva on Saturday evening please visit with Christopher Beason of Network 7.

unnamedOn Friday evening, April 19, 2019, beginning at 7:00 pm the Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church invites you to hear internationally acclaimed Gospel recording artist, Steve Darmody share a free Good Friday Gospel Concert entitled, “Road to Calvary.”
Come enjoy some of the greatest Gospel songs and Hymns on Calvary and the Cross.  Hear songs like, “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross,” “Were You There?”, The Old Rugged Cross”, “At the Cross” and many more!  Doors to the Fellowship Hall will open at 6:00 pm.  There will be a special hour-long program of meditation for those who come early that leads up to the concert start time of 7pm.  There will be a gift drawing of a dozen or more items before the concert begins; featuring two beautifully framed, autographed prints of the Nathan Green painting entitled, The Crucifixion. Other items include books, and the complete CD collection of Steve Darmody. So come early and register upon arrival.
Thanks to the support of Steve’s sponsors this concert is FREE, so COME EARLY to secure a seat.  A love offering will be received at the close of the service.
Steve Darmody is a renowned baritone and award-winning Gospel recording artist, Steve Darmody appears often on many Christian television networks around the country, including TBN, 3ABN, and HopeTV. He has appeared on all the Voice of Prophecy Family Reunion videos and has performed at venues ranging from The Pentagon and the US Senate to the Washington Cathedral and the prestigious Carnegie Hall. Having performed nearly 3,500 concerts and recording eight CDs his ministry spans 38 years. Steve continues to travel internationally while also working locally as a Real Estate agent with Keller Williams Realty.


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