Growing Strong in Faith


“… who, contrary to hope, in hope believed, so that he became the father of many nations” Romans 4:8. The starting point of Abraham’s faith did not look promising. He was old, his wife was way beyond the childbearing age… His future looked bleak; even hope itself was not making sense. This is the place where we normally stop and give up. Abraham chose to believe in a way which went beyond all mere impressions of probability. He believed in hope against all hope. When logic and reason fail, when even faith in any possible outcome becomes meaningless Abraham “believes in hope.” This is the only path which leads to faith that sprouts against all odds, and starts growing strong.


Vacation Bible School preparations are going full speed. We are just two days away from the first day of the “Rescued!” adventure. Don’t forget to pick up a flyer at church and share it with your family and friends. The VBS team still needs volunteers. Please join the crew. Talk to Carleen or Jaude tomorrow after the worship service.

Have you had a chance to drive by the school building and see for yourself the ongoing “Building Hope” project? I have great news to share with you, church! This week we reached the set goal of $190,000! A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who supported this super important building project. There is nothing impossible for the Lord. Some donated a little, some donated a lot and the Lord brought it all to a wonderful point of celebration. Our children, our OAKS students will have the school building fully prepared for the new school year. Praise God! Thank you, church!

Last Sabbath in spite of the camp meeting in Collegedale we had two full services. A wonderful children’s story was shared by Steve Darmody. Uplifting special music was presented by the Williams family. I wish all of you could hear them sing. Thank you, Avril and family, for the way your blessed our church last Sabbath.


Community Service: We have recently initiated a monthly service project with the Samaritan Center (9231 Lee Hwy, Ooltewah) and need your help on June 8! On the second Saturday night of each month we bring in and sort donated items that have been dropped off outside their building. We needs 12-15 volunteers age 8 and older. Last month we had 7 volunteers and would appreciate additional help! We will begin at 9:30 pm – the standard start time is 45 minutes after sundown – and work for 60-90 minutes. To sign up for this activity, please contact Lucas Patterson (423-582-1678) or John Turner (423-383-0036).


Last Wednesday a few students from the Standiford Gap School Summer Literature Team brought books for sale to our prayer meeting.  This was their way to raise money for their school tuition assistance. Here is a note from the team leader:

“Pastor, Your church family is wonderful. There were 21 people there tonight. The donations we collected total $282. We praise God for you all. What a blessing to our kids and their families.”

Please remember about the SALT training this Sabbath @6 pm and Singspiration @7pm.

Happy Sabbath. See you tomorrow.


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