The Life of Faith



“[Enoch] was ever under the influence of Jesus. He reflected Christ’s character, exhibiting the same qualities in goodness, mercy, tender compassion, sympathy, forbearance, meekness, humility, and love. His association with Christ day by day transformed him to the image of Him with whom he was so intimately connected.”—Reflecting Christ, p. 20:5.

Faith that pleases God is not an event, it is life lived in constant communion with Christ. This Sabbath morning I invite you to learn from the life of Enoch what true faith is all about.



Over a hundred and twenty children filled our church during the Vacation Bible School. Add to that number parents and grandparents who accompanied the little ones! The church sounded like a beehive. The program picked for the VBS was a great draw for the parents who wanted their children to learn more about Jesus. I attended only the Friday morning, but was very much impressed with the wonderful music. Many of our church teenagers served as volunteers. Their participation and help were absolutely invaluable! Special thank you to Carleen Zalabak, Jaude Barbosa, and Pastor Matthew. Along with a great team of volunteers they went an extra mile to accommodate this higher than expected VBS attendance. I am sure that many of the little ones learned how to feel safe in Jesus.  Below are a few photos from that week (courtesy of Aaron Hall) and a link to a 5 minute video:



Opal Vega is requesting prayers for her son Eric who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He is currently at Erlanger downtown.

Howard Kennedy had surgery on Thursday. He is back home and grateful for the prayers.

Sondra and Bill Chilson had a car problem traveling home. The repairs are under way and they are thankful for the all the angels who kept them safe.


This was an eventful week in our family. Late Monday night our second daughter Dasha gave birth to their first baby. The whole delivery process was not without complications and we are grateful to God that the mother and the baby are doing fine. On the same level we are thankful for Dasha’s husband Kevin, who was with her through every moment during her stay in the hospital room. Mila Natalia Crawford came into this world as an 8 lb 11oz precious angel of a little girl. Thank you church for your prayers and for sharing our joy.


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