Worship God in His Sanctuary



Traditional weekly church attendance is clearly on the decline. Modern technology brings spiritual music and God’s Word straight into our cars and homes. We find good reasons to spend the Sabbath in a circle of our family or friends. Tithe and offerings can be sent via our mobile devices while we are on a cruise or tanning on a beach. It is true that we can worship God in our homes, on a nature trail, under a starry sky, but it is only in His Sanctuary that we renew our faith and restore our joy. “I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory.” Ps. 63:2


Early Sunday morning our Pathfinder Club left for Oshkosh. Based on Facebook posts and text messages they are all safe and enjoying the activities. Thank you, church, for your prayers for our Pathfinders.

Here are a few photos saved from Facebook posts:

Donna Caswell, the Prayer Ministries director, is helping our church start a Prayer Marathon where every church member can “run.” Your participation is needed even if you are weak, bedridden, have heart issues or have never ran a marathon. Your “running” is your prayer. Here is what Donna is engaging us into: “We have a plan where we want everyone to choose an hour between 8am and 8pm in which you are willing to spend some of the time praying. Think of a day and time of day that would work for you. Look at your schedule. When are you doing things that could be prayer time? Examples would be pumping gas, folding laundry, or maybe taking a walk.”

This week, start thinking about it and practicing prayers of thanksgiving and praise to God. Next Sabbath, we will have a sign-up sheet in your SS class for you to choose a day and time for prayer. Our goal is to have every hour from 8am-8pm covered with prayer 7 days a week. For those who do not find SS convenient, we we will provide a texting number or a sign-up sheet in the foyer.”

If you follow this link you can read the full description of this initiative. Click here.

“Pray in your closet; and as you go about your
daily labor, let your heart be often uplifted to
God … Satan cannot overcome him whose heart
is thus stayed upon God. There is no time or
place in which it is inappropriate to offer up a
petition to God … A closet of communion may be
found wherever we are.” SC p. 100

Group of interlocked fingers praying together

Last Thursday was the first day of school at OAKS. We have a solid number of 122 students. Praise God for the miracles happening at our church school. This morning I was asked to speak for the first OAKS chapel this semester. My key verse was taken from 1 John 3:1 “we should be called children of God!” As God’s children we are born of Him.” We find His genes in us. This is why we want to be like Him in our academic achievements and in our daily life. It was great to hear all of the OAKS students say together “I am a Child of God!” We missed 14 students who are currently in Oshkosh with the Pathfinders. They are in our prayers. Thank you, Shelly, for your spiritual and creative leadership. Thank you, teachers and staff for your love and dedication.



Please continue prayers for Sharon Bremner.

Pathfinders’ safe travels back home on Sunday.

FROM MY HEART: Our oldest daughter Stacey and her husband Javan are just a few days (possibly hours) away from welcoming their second baby. Have I shared with you that our youngest daughter, Barby, got engaged to a perfect young man, Jared Pemberton? And our second grandchild Mila is turning a full two months tomorrow! 😉 My father’s/grandfather’s heart is picking up the pace. Prayers please 🙂


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