Grace-full Living



In contemporary English “graceful” is used primarily to define elegance. When we hear of graceful living we imagine a life of culture and sophistication. Unfortunately we have lost its original spiritual sense. Its 15th century Latin meaning was “full of (divine) grace.” Grace as a gift of God. Grace is underserved love, unmerited kindness, and unconditional forgiveness. Is my life full of that kind of grace?


This has been a very busy week in our church. Starting Sunday there was a steady flow of church families coming to take their pictures for the church directory. I am especially grateful to Mike Haughee for coordinating this massive project. The photographers took all the SS rooms in the church office hallway. Both pastors’ offices were turned into photo studios. Everything was going smoothly and easily with Mike’s supervision. On Monday Kindermusic had their program. Spanish SDA congregation used our sanctuary every night for the Week of Prayer meetings. SALT training was on Tuesday afternoon, choir practice on Tuesday night. Pathefinder and Adventure clubs filled up every corner of the church on Wednesday. I am grateful to those who came to the Prayer meeting on Wednesday and were willing to take the Kindergarten SS room because every other room was taken by some other church ministry. Praise God! This is not a sleeping church. The Power of the Holy Spirit is keeping this church vibrant and active.


HOPE FOR OOLTEWAH is uniting our church in prayer. This coming week we’ll be praying for the LOVE IN OUR HEARTS. Here is a brief statement from Donna, our Prayer Ministry director: “…But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 As we pray for our loved ones this next week, let us take courage from the example of Daniel and his friends.  “No power, no influence, could sway them from the principles they had learned in early life by a study of the word and works of God.” (Prophets and Kings p. 482)

Let’s pray, “Thank you God for the children’s Sabbath School and for Adventist Education.”

This Sabbath afternoon everyone is invited to attend the Prayer Conference at our church from 5 pm to 7 pm.


PRAYERS. Let us all pray for our dear Pastor David Bissell. His brother died in a car accident this week. David and his family are traveling today to attend the service in Arkansas.


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