Christ In You


“Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life” (John 6:54). Life eternal begins when we accept Christ into our being. Without Christ not only do we lose eternal life, but our earthly walk turns into a miserable existence. Christ offers Himself when He says, “Take, eat it; this is My body …”  In other words He is saying, “Here I am. I have life, power, purpose for you.” Now it is up to us to act on it. The mere mental acknowledgment of it will not do us good. Its only when we internalize Christ, “eat and drink Him,” His Spirit revives and transforms every cell of our being. Allow the Spirit of God to bring Christ into our minds and souls. Let His Word become our daily bread. Let our prayers create a continuous relationship between our heart and the heart of God.

I invite you to join the Communion Worship service tomorrow morning at Ooltewah Seventh Day Adventist Church.


Today is the opening night of the Revelation Today Bible seminar. Our church came together last Wednesday night to pray about every part of the program. I was very pleased with the number of people who got actively engaged in this evangelistic effort. Southern Adventist University students have shown great support. In a few hours we’ll open the doors of our church for the seminar participants.

The last few months Donna Caswell has served as the prayer coordinator. She did a wonderful job building a prayerful spirit and structure in our congregation. Thank you, Donna! For the month of November Rita Rodgers and her sister Barbara will carry on the torch of the prayer ministry. This is a crucial time in our ministry. Please contact Rita or Barbara and talk to them about your participation in the prayer group during the evangelistic meetings.



Today I am asking for a special prayer for Opal Vega. She is very weak and has difficulty breathing.

Happy Sabbath!


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