The Bride of Christ



Revelation 19 describes the day of celebration when Christ will reunite with His followers. That day is called the “marriage supper of the Lamb.” All those joining the celebration are collectively called “His wife.” What other term could describe a more intimate and personal relationship between the Savior and the saved? That scene is not just a grand event in the history of salvation, it is actually “a feast” filled with joy and celebration. Can I be sure that there is a place for me at the “marriage supper?” Tomorrow morning we will find an answer together during our worship services at 8:55 and 11:25 am.


The opening weekend of the “Revelation Today” Bible seminar at our church was a “total disaster.” People flooded the Fellowship hall. There was no possible way to provide everyone with a seat at the round tables. I applaud the efforts of our deacons, greeters and registration team at controlling the situation. Thank you, Steve Darmody, for the inspiring music program that night. The second and the third night attendance was more manageable. Last night, (Thursday) we had a stable group of visitors. The table leaders are absolutely wonderful! They faithfully come every night, engage their groups in active discussions, and help them find answers to many questions. I am absolutely impressed with the participation of our church members in these evangelistic meetings. Thank you, church! Please, continue to pray for Pastor Douglas Na’a as he shares the Gospel and his wife who sings almost every night after pastor Na’a makes an appeal.




The Singles ministry is participating, with several local churches, in meeting the needs of Chattanooga’s homeless.  Here is a report/appeal from Cynthia Weitzel, Ministry Leader. “The second Sabbath of every month we go down and distribute personal hygiene supplies, food items, some specific clothing, religious literature and food etc. In partnership with Chattanooga first church, we are purchasing and packing 100 backpacks for Christmas with blankets, pillows, hats, gloves and other helpful items. We already have the backpacks, blankets and pillows. We still need hats and gloves (new) and the toiletries etc.

For those of you wanting to help in this ministry, there are several ways to do so:

1. Pray – For the homeless, those of us serving that we will use God’s means in God’s way, and that the ministry grow according to His will. 2. Come and help us on the second Sabbath of each month at 3:00pm 2. Donate funds to “Singles” ministry (written in as such on your tithe envelope.  4. Donate items listed below. (All new items please)

Hats (for backpacks), Gloves (for backpacks), Chemical hand/foot warmers , Umbrellas, Lip balm, Feminine products, Toothpaste, Tooth brushes, Hand wipes, Simple hair bands, Small sewing kits, Socks, Underwear, Flashlights Etc.”

For more information, feel free to contact Cynthia Weitzel at 903-278-6384.


Next March our church will join hands with two other churches in the area to provide food packets for hungry children in the poor countries of the world. The name of this effort is “FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN.” Many of us cannot even comprehend the number of children suffering from hunger every day around the globe. We can make a difference in some kid’s life. The goal is to raise $8,000. After the money is raised we’ll pack dry food which will be shipped to the regions with acute hunger problems. All donations for this project should be marked as COMMUNITY SERVICES. Your Sabbath School class, small group, or other ministry within our church can set their own fundraising goal to work toward and measure. For example, $500 would be a great goal for a small group or class with 10 people.

If you run into a problem, please email or call Lucas Patterson, Community Services Director.

Here is a short video with some helpful information about this ministry:

A note from our Stewardship Director: As did Abraham, they are to pay tithe of all they possess and all they receive. A faithful tithe is the Lord’s portion. To withhold it is to rob God. Every man should freely and willingly and gladly bring tithes and offerings into the storehouse of the Lord, because in so doing there is a blessing. There is no safety in withholding from God His own portion.” —Manuscript 159, 1899.


Barbara Kraner has been taken to Memorial hospital. Prayers for Barbara, please.

Opal Vega is very weak, her every breath is a struggle. Please, remember Opal in your prayers.

Our hearts go out to Pastor David Bissel whose sister passed away this week. Praying for you and your family, David.

The Light of Hope Ministry has responded to an invitation from Siberia. On December 7, 2019, I will take my vacation days and start a series of evangelistic meetings in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Due to legislative restrictions on religious activities the church cannot use regular promotional methods. However, pastors and church members are not giving up. With lots of prayers they are actively preparing for the meetings to start in just four weeks. I invite you to pray for our overseas evangelism. Here is a short youtube video from Krasnoyarsk:

Just as a Thank You note, I am sharing a photo I received from Mariupol, where the Light of Hope Ministry held meetings two years ago. We continue to support the local church as well as supply drinking water to the local orphanage. The Light of Hope ministry supplies four tons of drinking water monthly for the cooking and drinking needs of over 100 children in this facility.


See you tonight at 7 pm at the Revelation Today Bible seminar.


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