God’s Timeless Promises



Studying the Book of Jeremiah I see the whole treasury of God’s promises (ex. 29:12-13). Words of rebuke and calls to repentance are wrapped in dozens of powerful promises. God’s promises are of a special nature. They are not like our promises which may be forgotten or changed. God’s words are powerful and sure. They are to be taken by a believer and applied to his or her life. Knowing these promises, admiring them, memorizing them will do us no good unless we claim them, and receive them as our own possessions.

This Sabbath morning I will continue my sermon series based on the book of prophet Jeremiah.


Last Saturday night we had two meetings. First all those who give Bible studies met to report on their progress, to share stories, and to learn about the available resources. Not all of those who asked for Bible studies in the fall of last year are interested in continuing    the course. We agreed to pray for them, and to be available in case they change their mind. I’m grateful to Mike Doucoumes for his excellent coordination of this ministry.

Later that night church elders came together to set ministry goals for 2020.  The main focus of our discussion was on staying connected with our church members. Everyone coming to worship at our church needs to feel that church leaders care and pray about them. This is the only way to reach the spirit of true community in our growing congregation. Elders agreed to schedule the Spring New Member banquet for March 28. Mike Doucoumes and Bradley Hyde were recommended to the church board for the church elder position.

On Monday night our church leaders came together for the Finance committee meeting and later that night for the church Board meeting. Rita Rogers, our church treasurer, shared the December financial report which showed steady growth in our local giving and tithe. The average monthly local church offerings go over our set goal! What a huge blessing! Thank you, church, for your faithful support of our church ministries’ needs. The Board agreed to work together on the church expansion proposal. For that purpose a new Visioning Committee was established to work along with the Finance committee and the Church Board. On February 6 there will be an open Finance committee meeting with only one item on the agenda: Proposal for the New Expansion Financing. This proposal will be presented to the church Board members on February 22. All these meetings are open to all church members to attend and to participate. The Board recommended to set aside, Sabbath, February 22 as a day of Prayer and Fasting. We need a clear vision of where the Lord is leading our church family. The church Business meeting is scheduled for March 7.

Men’s Ministry. Here is an update from Edymar: ” The first Haney’s Hungry Hombre’s (HHH) men’s breakfast of 2020 is in the books and man was it good! The hardy HHH breakfast consisted of biscuits and gravy, western style scrambled eggs, tater tots, pastries, fruit and breakfast links. A manly breakfast like this would not be possible without the culinary ninjas who show up early to set up and cook. To you, I say THANK YOU!

In addition to the stick to your ribs breakfast, we started the meeting with a devotional on James 2:14-24, “faith without works is dead.” James is VERY clear on this, just read verse 20. At the end of the meeting, the guys all agreed and made a commitment to demonstrate our belief in God with deeds, deeds that we defined by the following verses; John 13:35, 1 Corinthians 12:26, Colossians 3:13, 1 Peter 4:8-11 and John 3:16-18. Guys, all of these verses boil down to one thing, love your God, and demonstrate love in action.
After the devotional, we highlighted some of the wonderful things God did through the Ooltewah men group in 2019 and discussed the ministry’s vision for 2020.  I am excited and eager to get started this year. The Ooltewah men’s ministry will continue it’s focus on, to quote Marty Miller, “building better men.”
We will do so by encouraging spiritual growth (alone time with Jesus), studying resources like 33 Series, Every Man a Warrior and The Quest for Authentic Manhood. We will continue building brotherhood and blessing others with our Love In Action service projects. New to 2020, we will increase our efforts to have fun! We will do this by scheduling events like white water rafting, hiking, biking, etc.
Please keep the Ooltewah men’s group in your prayers. May we live to glorify our God, savior and friend, Jesus Christ by serving our brothers and sisters. Thank you to all who contributed your time, effort and resources to men’s ministry in 2019. Because of you and God’s blessing we are making a difference.
I also want to thank Marty Miller from Blue Print for Men (BP4M) for coming by and sharing the ministry vision and goals for 2020. If you would like to learn more, I encourage you to take a few minutes and check out the BP4M website, www.blueprintformen.org. You will find a ton of events, resources and channels of communication to help you grow into the man God created you to be.” Edymar Penagos.
Thank you, Ooltewah church men, for your spirit of service and Christian love.


Barbara Kraner has been moved to Morning Pointe in Collegedale. Prayers for Barbara.

Carol Darmody – recovering after heart procedures.

THANK YOU! Yes, you all became a part of a wonderful miracle last Sabbath. We prayed for a breakthrough in our January local giving. God did hear your prayers. He did make a miracle through your loving and generous giving.

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