Love Has No Fear


MESSAGE. “There is no fear in love.” 1 John 4:18 If you still live in fear you have not yet comprehended and experienced God’s love. His love drives away fear. We find peace and the assurance of salvation when we look at Jesus, who revealed to us the Father’s love. Accepting Love. Unconditional Love. Eternal  Love.


The beautiful snow last Sabbath morning brought lots of joy and festivity to Ooltewah. Facebook and Instagram exploded with fantastic wintery posts from our church friends and members. Some of them even made it to church that morning. Brave souls! The Pathfinder Club planned both services, and they did come in spite of the snowfall. Of course the attendance was very low for the first service, and the second service was canceled all together. Nevertheless, Pathfinders beautifully led through the early worship service. Mrs. Connie Reynolds shared the Word of God inspiring everyone to grow in faith and obedience to God. Thank you, David Reynolds, for the leadership you provide to our young people. You have an excellent team of helpers.

Those who joined the Second International Food Festival on Sunday afternoon were not disappointed. There was food from the Philippines, Latin America, Brazil, India, Romania, Italy,  Ireland, Russia, Africa, Ukraine and even from the United States of America!!! The social team did a great job teaching our church to love and to appreciate different cultures and cuisines. These kind of events help our members to meet one another and block by block build the true spirit of community in our congregation. Thank you, Avril Williams, Dina Cole, Lupina Haney, Konika Wright and every member of your team who worked hard to make this happen. Guess what table I hurried to as soon as we started the program 🙂 To my awesome Russian cook who had prepared buckwheat with mushroom gravy :-)!

STEWARDSHIP.   “Divine wisdom has appointed, in the plan of salvation, the law of action and reaction, making the work of beneficence, in all its branches, twice blessed. He who gives to the needy blesses others, and is blessed himself in a still greater degree.” ~ Ellen White CS 13.4

This weekend over 35 members of our church are heading to Cohutta Springs to attend the annual GCC Prayer Conference. This is always a spiritually rewarding experience for our Prayer Ministry team. Their prayers are like glue that keeps our church in unity. We’ll miss you this Sabbath, prayer warriors! Be safe on the road.


This Sunday @ 4pm – Plant-based Cooking Class.


February 22 @ 6:30 PM The Ooltewah church Town hall meeting will be held in the Fellowship hall. Everyone is invited and encouraged to join this open Board meeting where we will pray together and share our vision of our church’s ministry expansion. The architect will present the draft of the new SS wing and new sanctuary drawings. The Finance committee will share their proposal to the church business meeting. Ice cream social will follow the town hall meeting.


Prayer and Fasting Sabbath – February 22. Every church member is invited to be a part of the Prayer and Fasting time as we seek God’s guidance for the future ministry of our church.

Happy Sabbath, my friends.


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