The Power of Unity



Christian unity begins with me allowing my brothers and sisters to be different from me and celebrating their uniqueness. Then the world will believe that we are sent by God (John 17:20-21).


The Church Board met virtually last night and unanimously voted on two important items:

A. Effective tomorrow (June 13) we are starting two in-person worship services. At 9 AM in the Sanctuary and at 11:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall. First service will be streamed online. The recording will be available online for the rest of the week.

B. Adult Sabbath school classes are free to start in-person meetings in the church building or at school. Each class will make their own decision about the format, time, and the location of their meetings.

Several SS classes chose to meet at church tomorrow. These are: Fellowship Hall class (Larry Otto), Sanctuary class (Mike Doucames), Men’s class (Edymar Penagos). The Women’s class will make their decision later today. The Fellowship Hall class study will be streamed on ZOOM and on the church YouTube channel @10:20 AM. To join the ZOOM study follow the instructions in the RESOURCES section of my blog below. The YouTube link will be posted on the church website and on Facebook.

Last night I was once again impressed with the spirit of unity among the leaders of our church! Praise God for leading our church family through this difficult time.

Community Services. Special words of appreciation to Lucas Patterson and his boys. Last Sabbath they moved tons and tons of donated items at the Samaritan Center. They were the only ones who showed up. I am sure we’ll do better next month. Can you please email/text or call me if you are available to help on July 4 after sunset? I will add your name to the sign up sheet. The actual sheet is available in the church lobby.


Dale Smith had surgery on Thursday. Prayers for Dale.


Church bulletin – click here.

Online giving – available here.

Virtual Sabbath School classes:

Leaders: Mike & Sharon Harrell

To be part of an exciting and energetic 1-hour discussion of the current Quarterly Sabbath School lesson, sign onto Zoom at 10:30 on Sabbath mornings. Mike Harrell facilitates the discussion. Everyone is given the opportunity to participate if you would like, or to listen silently if that is your preference.  

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 863 8150 6419
To Join by Phone:
929 436 2866   
Meeting ID: 863 8150 6419 Wait for prompt, then enter the
 # key (no password required) *6 to mute or unmute.

Fellowship Hall Class with Larry Otto:

Topic: Fellowship Hall Sabbath School – We will be singing this Sabbath . Tune in time for Zoom: Jun 13, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada). Sabbath School actual start time: 10:15/10:20 Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 423 883 2558 Password: 0411

Ken and Bodil Kirkham shared this picture with me last Sabbath. They joined our virtual service 🙂


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