Praying for Healing



This Sabbath I am starting a new sermon series: “Seven Prayers”. The first sermon is about our need to pray for healing. Our nation is wounded and bleeding. Our churches are crippled by the Pandemic. Political and social tension pulls us apart.  It is time for us all to get united in prayers for healing. “Pray for one another, that you may be healed” James 5:16


On July 11 we celebrated a beautiful baptism at Harrison Bay. Kayla Coon joined our church after completing a full course of Bible studies. Cindy Young shared with me the following sweet story: “Back when Kayla was in kindergarten the pastor gave the name of each student to a church member who wanted to be a prayer partner for a student.
Sharon McKee was given Kayla’s name. She began praying for her then, and has never stopped. She has been there for each milestone in Kayla’s life … quietly being involved, and always praying. When Kayla texted her inviting her to come to her baptism, she wrote back that she had tears of joy. The power of unceasing prayer!”

Tomorrow, during the first worship service we’ll celebrate Katie Rose’s baptism. Karina Young will also be baptized tomorrow, but @ 2 pm. Praise God for every decision!

The Conference Pathfinder/Children’s Ministry Dept under the leadership of pastor Fernando Verduzco has been staying busy with their EPIC Summer online honors. These virtual events are being broadcasted from our church. Here are a few photos from the “Pin Trading” honor taught by Cory Goss and Mike Haughee.

We need your help to get OAKS ready to welcome back our students in August! Please plan to join us for the annual OAKS Work Bee on Sunday, July 26 from 8:00-12:00. Socially-distanced jobs are available for anyone who prefers it. Those who are working in close proximity to others should bring a mask.
If you are able to attend, please consider filling out this RSVP form so we know who to expect:


PRAYERS. Please continue to pray for the Pandemic to stop; for those who were diagnosed with COVID19, for those who are in the hospital and for our healthcare workers.

Howard Kennedy is facing health concerns. Currently at Parkridge hospital.

Ellie Penagos is battling cancer. Currently at Erlanger East.

Darlene Turner is recovering after her surgery.

Judson Jamieson is in weak health.

Betty Chastain needs help with pain management.


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Last week Galina and I flew to Oregon to help our daughter Dasha, her husband Kevin and their one-year-old baby Mila with their move from Atlanta to their new home in Eugene. Our week of vacation was full of diverse activities: helping a one-year-old with three flights and two long layovers, unloading and carrying boxes and furniture, replacing faucets, installing safety gates at the bottom and the top of the stairs, driving to the foggy, rocky but breathtakingly beautiful ocean shore, cooking perogies, sleeping on the floor next to an open sliding door and enjoying the cool 50F temperature outside at night (hoping nobody will accidentally roam in from the apartment complex). Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful experience. Here are a few photos from our trip:

Happy Sabbath! See you tomorrow morning.

Pastor Peter

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