Praying for God’s Power

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I’ve seen communism collapse. I’ve seen thousands baptized in one day. I’ve seen alcoholics become evangelists … All by the power of God. Nothing can stand against that power; no virus, no political chaos, no social divide. Stop fighting with your own weapon. Everything will be different if we start praying for the power of God.

This Sabbath morning I continue the “Seven Prayers” series. Pray with me in person or online.


The last Sabbath of July was packed with wonderful events. Katie Rose got baptized during the first service. Many friends of the Rose family came to celebrate this exciting event in Katie’s life. It was great to have pastor Na’a, pastor Mike Pettingill, and pastor Matthew Shallenberger participate in the service.

That same Sabbath afternoon the Young family came to celebrate Karina Young’s baptism. It was a very special moment in the circle of close friends and family.

Two hours after that there was another baptism at Harrison Bay. Joshua Harrison (Rita Roger’s grandson) celebrated his new beginning with the Lord.

Work Bee Sunday was busy with tons of wonderful workers cleaning windows and painting classrooms and mulching the playground. Thank you to all who sacrificed to help get OAKS off to a grand start!

At the Monday night Church Board meeting we acted on several big items.

First, an unprecedented number of adventist academy students from our church presented a serious financial challenge. We certainly want every student to be supported in their Christian education opportunity. The Board unanimously voted to start a Fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $50,000 asap. If you are passionate about Christian education please contribute to this emergency need. All contributions to this fund need to be marked as “Young Disciples Fund”.

Second, the Board voted on the new Sabbath School Superintendent candidate. Connie Reynolds is being asked to serve in this position. Her nomination will need to be approved by the church vote.

Third, Kevin Hicks was asked to serve as the OAKS Board chairman. This nomination also needs to be approved by the church vote.

This Sabbath night, right after sunset our church will be helping at the Samaritan Center. Last month we had a great number of volunteers who were over 55. I hope this time we’ll have a different group of helpers. I am appealing to the parents of high school age children. Let’s make this a community ministry opportunity for our kids. I’ll personally bring ice cream for all the kids and their parents who will come to help. Ice cream by the Samaritan Center deck will start at 8:45 pm. Our mission is to preach the gospel; often actions can preach louder than words. I pray I see many of our church youth there tomorrow night.



Pastor Matthew is working with Carleen Zalabak and a crew of other families on a virtual VBS program. They are recording a whole series of videos which will soon be available for the children of our church. On the photo are Thomas Turk, Luke Clubb, and Anaya Parker. They’re our cast for the drama scenes. Please pray about this project. We love our kids!


PRAYERS. Last Sabbath night Judson Jamieson rested in the Lord. Praise for his wife Donna Jamieson and the family. The Memorial service is scheduled for August 8 at 4 pm with visitation starting at 3:30 PM

Prayers for Barbara Smith, who lost her brother and sister in law. The service will take place at the Apison SDA church also on August 8 at 3 pm.

Prayers are requested for Betty Jones who unexpectedly lost her son Stacey (51 years old).

Prayers are needed for Bruce Vogt, Cynthia Weitzel’s dad who had a heart attack. Bruce is at Memorial hospital.


I hope you’ll not miss Dinner with the Doctor, an online event happening this Monday. You’ll need to register if you are interested in participating. All details are in the flyer below:


Online giving. Here is the link.

Church weekly bulletin. Here is the link.

Happy Sabbath! See you tomorrow.

pastor Peter

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