Grace Is Not Fair



People may disappoint us.  We naturally want to turn away from them or treat them the way we think they deserve. This seems to be the logical way to act.  This may be the fair way to feel. Not so in God’s Kingdom. This is why God’s grace is not fair. The Pharisees were upset with Christ; Rulers of Israel were mad at Christ. His grace toward people was not making sense. It is not making sense even today, but it is this “unfairness” that makes me want to be a different person, a better person. I do not deserve God’s love or forgiveness, but He still is running towards me when He sees me from far away in the ugliness of my human nature. 


ELECTION WINNER – is the Ooltewah SDA Church. On election night, November 3, 1,731 community members and 29 election workers passed through our church. Election workers told me they specifically requested to work here because we are a very friendly church. Many community members thanked our church for hosting the elections and were very appreciative of the free water and Little Debbie’s. A special thank you to Richard Johnson, Sue Wiley, Edymar Penagos, Pastor Peter, and Sarah Bremner for your hours of dedicated service.  ~ Steward Director: Steven Bremner   

The above paragraph was submitter by Steven Bremner, our church elder and Office Manager. He humbly omitted his name from the list of those who made Tuesday a success. I award 5 STARS to Steve for planning that event, providing water and snacks, managing every step of the process, and being there for almost twenty-four hours! Thank You! 

Here are a couple of pictures from that day:


Sack Lunches for the Homeless once again was a wonderful experience for the volunteers who came to help last Monday morning. This ministry helps us all concentrate on the priorities of our Christian calling. What a wonderful church we have! A church that cares about the needs of the people in our community. Special Thank You to Edwin Reynolds for coordinating this effort and for delivering the lunches to Chattanooga Community Kitchen. 

Men’s Ministry is excited to announce that Haney’s Hungry Hombres is back! Below is the invite details from Edymar Penagos:

  • Please plan to join us for breakfast by the bonfire on November 8th, that is this Sunday!  Our devotion will come from Romans 12:2. Biscuits and single serving beverages will be provided. We will meet outside at the church at 8am behind the fellowship hall so bring a chair and thoughts to share. 
  • Since this event will be outside, masks are optional and we will be following all of the other social distancing guidelines. It’s been a long time since our last breakfast, hope you can make it!


Over ten church members signed up for the Samaritan Center project for tomorrow night. How perfect. Ten was our threshold limit. If would really like to see more of our Youth and Teenagers join this effort. Ice-Cream before the event is guaranteed 🙂 


Diana Dodd and Sylvia Hyde are working on a new Health Ministry event. More details are on their web page. Thank you, Health Ministries team for your creative spirit and your hard work. 




I invite you to pray for our nation, for the current and future president of the United States, for peace and unity in our community and in our church. 


Weekly church BULLETIN

Online Giving: Tithe and Offerings

Health Ministry Event REGISTRATION

Tomorrow, November 6, you are invited to worship with us at 9 A.M., 11:30 A.M. or 5 P.M. (Mask are required for the Evening Worship service @ 5 P.M.) 


I pray that the Spirit of God keeps our hands, hearts and minds together. I pray that we concentrate on our mission of sharing the Hope of the Soon Christ’s Return. I pray that we stop looking at our own interests, griefs and agendas and offer the love and grace of Jesus to those who are around us.

With love and prayers for each one of you,

pastor Peter

2 thoughts on “Grace Is Not Fair

  1. It didn’t get in in time for the bulletin, but we need to announce that next Sabbath afternoon (Nov. 14) at 3:30 p.m. there will be a meeting of the Southeastern US chapter of the Adventist Theological Society. Since we can’t meet a large group in person, the meeting will be online. Instead of Zoom, they are using Demio as a sharing program. If you want to join, you need to register online at this URL:
    The presenter is Edwin Reynolds, and the title is “Speak of the Devil . . . and Criminal Indifference: Playing into the Enemy’s Hand in the Cosmic Conflict.” The meeting will run till 5:00, with about 30 minutes of Q&A after the presentation (about 4:30). Anyone is welcome to join (with registration to get access to Demio).


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