Brotherly love.


Every life is important. Every soul is needed. It is for this reason apostle Paul compares church to a living body. My body would  be incomplete even without the most tiny part of it. Let us learn how to treasure one another. We find our wholeness is belonging to one another. As the cells of our body live only by being connected with each other, our spiritual life depends on the unity with all the other souls of our church. 

To illustrate this crucial concept I’d like to share with you men’s ministry updated shared with me by Edymar Penagos: “On Sunday February 21st, the Love in Action arm of the Men’s Ministry department swung back into action…but first…breakfast! Before heading the worksite, a small group of the men joined together to fellowship and fuel up for the day with a Hardy Hardees breakfast!  Now off to work!

The men’s ministry Love in Action group joined together to aid in rebuilding of some decking that was in much need of repair.  Some of the decking had seen more sunsets than most of the crew that arrived to assist and had become unstable and unsafe for future use. 
Included in the repairs was a handful of steps and handrails leading to the front door of the property, a complete reboarding of the properties most used deck, careful replacement of the boards most in need of repair on the properties highest deck and the steps and two rotten boards on the rear deck of the home.  In total some 360+ feet of deck board and handrails were replaced.  In addition the crew determined that a few extra boards needed to be replaced and that a post and footing were needed to help support one of the elevated decks that had begun to show some sagging issues.  With these extra pieces on order from the lumber yard, a small group of the team is set to return to the property to finish the updates and ensure that the decks remain safe and functional for another 50 years!
A special thank you to Barbra Smith for the hardy lunch! We could taste the love that was cooked into that wonderful meal. Isn’t there something special about sitting together in fellowship while breaking bread after a satisfying day of serving?
Men, weather permitting the Love in Action program will continue to operate over the next month or so with a few more decking and other projects that are already on the calendar. We welcome anyone interested to come join us as we use our time tools and talents to help assist those in need around us. Many hands make for light work! 
Additionally if you know of a family, church member or neighbor who could use a hand with minor repairs and projects around the house please let us know so that we can consider how we can be of the most assistance to the most people!
Thank you to all the guys (and gals) who took the time to come out Sunday to serve our sister, and for Matt Geraghty for the LIA recap. (See attached photos)”

Thank you, gentlemen, for showing to us an example of the spirit of love and service.


Please remember in your prayers Leone Peden. Her husband, Arthur, is at the final days of his earthly journey.


Don’t forget to check out the church website for the additional resources and links.

Happy Sabbath and hugs,

pastor Peter

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