New Life in Christ

When I first met Vasiliy he was a gangster in an Eastern European city. His wife and two daughters would hide under their beds when he came home. They prayed for him to become a different person. My visit with Vasiliy was in a restaurant closed to other customers and with two bodyguards standing at the door. Our lunch lasted for over an hour. The conversation was direct and to the point. Vasiliy wanted his life to be changed but he did not believe that there was any hope for him. He asked me to pray for him at the end of that meeting. Several years later I came back to that same city. One of the first families I met in the foyer of that church was Vasiliy, his wife and two teenage daughters. It was the same Vasiliy, but his smile reflected a totally new person inside of him. His two daughters were happily clinging to their dad. That change was clearly the result of God’s transforming power. This is why apostle Paul affirms that, ” if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Cor. 5:17)

This Sabbath morning I’ll share Part 2 of the Spiritual Makeover sermon series with you.


Last Sunday many parents brought their kids to a pool party in our neighborhood clubhouse. The weather did not look promising, but it turned out to be a fun morning. Thank you, Earl Sigsworth and Pastor Matthew for coordinating this event for the little ones from our church and their friends. Here are a few photos that Earl shared with me:

There will be another pool party for older kids on August 1. Please contact pastor Matthew if you are interested in participating.


On Sabbath afternoon over twenty “prayer warriors” gathered at the Chilson’s residence. This was the first time they came together after the Pandemic interrupted their gatherings about 18 months ago. Sondra shared with me that they had a wonderful time eating and planning their prayer ministry for our church and the community around us. Below are a few photos from that event:

We are grateful to our “prayer chain” members. They are like blood cells keeping us united in love and care for each other. This large group believes in the power of prayer and they have a place for you in this important ministry.


VBS is starting this Sunday! Cory and Amy Goss need your help. I am glad that many children have already registered for this program online. If you have not done that yet for your kids or grandchildren here is the link.


Please remember to pray for the Cornerstone Building Fund. There is nothing impossible for the Lord. There are many who the Lord can and will bring into His church if we are ready and willing to receive them. Don’t forget to reserve November 7 for a special church banquet.


More resources are available on our church website:


pastor Peter

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