With Christ in the hour of crisis.

“There comes a crisis-hour to each of us, if God has called us to the highest and best, when all resources fail; when we face either ruin or something higher than we ever dreamed; when we must have infinite help from God and yet, ere we can have it, we must let something go; we must surrender completely; we must cease from our own wisdom. strength, and righteousness, and become crucified with Christ and alive in Him. God knows how to lead us up to this crisis, and He knows how to lead us through.” (Streams in the Desert, L.B.C.)


Last Sabbath I had the honor of ordaining two new elders in our church. Mrs. Donna Caswell and Dr. Tom Klinner accepted the call to serve as church elders and joined the team of the church leaders. Please uplift them in your prayers as they pray for you and serve your spiritual needs.

Below is a photo from the ordination service.


A new school year at OAKS had a great start. School teachers and staff were presented to the church during both services last week. We promised to support them daily as they educate our children and lead them to Christ. Here is a photo of our school team:


We are 20 days away from the Healing in Jesus Bible seminar. More info is available on the following site: https://www.prayforhealing.net. Have you put this seminar on your schedule for September 10 through 18?


Please extend love to the Hartman family. Dr. David Hartman’s father, Carl Lee Hartman, passed away last week. Hartman served in pastoral ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church for more than 40 years in Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, and Iowa.The Memorial service is scheduled to be August 28 @ 5 P.M. in our church. In the photo below are Carl Hartman and his wife Betty.


A number of our church members are in quarantine because of COVID19. We have no reason to believe that they got infected while at church. Please pray for their health and their soon recovery.


I also invite you to extend loving support to Mary Ellen and Marlin Walter. They lost their sister-in-law. This week they travelled to Pennsylvania to attend the funeral service.

I extend my sincere condolences to Marichu McCatcheon and Ann Weeden who lost their father. They both travelled to Florida to attend the memorial service there. Please pray for these dear families.


The Church bulletin and other helpful resources are available on our church website: https://www.ooltewahchurch.org .


This weekend Galina and I are spending time with my mother Anna in Greenville, TN. Last month we celebrated her 88th birthday.

Happy Sabbath and many hugs to you,

pastor Peter

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