The Bread of Life

If we receive the Bread of Life without sharing it we become spiritually obese. Hungry crowds are all around us. Christ is still speaking to us saying, “You give them something to eat.” Take the Word of God from the hands of Jesus and share it with your family, friends, and neighbors. Christ is expecting us to be His coworkers in this important task. Ask yourself what is your mission all about? Do you feel the burden of sharing the Bread of Life with your community? I invite you to examine this crucial command of Jesus this Sabbath morning during our hour of worship.


Last Sunday morning dozens of young people gathered at Harrison Bay to celebrate Melinda Jubea’s baptism. I could see that her baptism attracted other people who were there on the lake. They stood nearby listening to the beautiful spiritual songs and witnessed Melinda’s decision to follow Jesus. This Sabbath morning we will welcome Melinda into the fellowship of the Ooltewah Adventist Church. Here are just a few photos from that wonderful morning.


On Monday night the church Board met for the regular monthly meeting. I was very happy to see a good turn out and the spirit of unity among our church leaders. Among other important decisions the Board approved a new budget for this fiscal year. In this new budget a strong emphasis is made on supporting our school and academy students. The Building committee presented a proposal for the General contractor and other subcontractors for the Cornerstone project. This proposal was unanimously approved by the Board. Church leaders also reviewed the final steps in preparation for the September Bible seminar.


In the last few weeks many of our church members have been receiving phone calls from the church elders. Our plan is to help every church member feel connected with church leaders. If you need help, encouragement or a prayer don’t hesitate to contact your elder. Here is a link to the directory of our church elders.


This morning I had a wonderful experience speaking for the OAKS chapel. Thank you for remembering our students and teachers daily in your prayers.


On Wednesday night I came across a group of Adventurers meeting at the picnic table by the school. Thank you, Adventurer club leaders, for your love and support of the little ones in our church.


Happy Sabbath. See you tomorrow.

pastor Peter

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